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  1. Re: A tune I wrote for octave mandolin - Something Squirrelly

    Sweet. Nice picking.
  2. Case for a Kentucky 300e solidbody electric.

    My Kentucky 300e came with a gig bag but I'm looking for a real case as I'm using the bag with a different instrument (Yes, I upgraded the liptstick pickup, which was easy and effective). Any case...
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    Re: Received my Ebay Stradolin

    I have an Eastman 605 and an old Stradolin my friend inherriited and gifted to me. I had the Stradolin cleaned and setup and it sounds better than my Eastman (except that I have one fret that isn't...
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    Re: Red Bear Lilí Picker

    I love Red Bear picks! They sound better than BCs in my opinion, but my opinion has changed over time. The only issues are losing them (a problem with all high-end picks, and breaking them. Keep them...
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    Re: Strap Recommendation for A-style

    Make your own.
  6. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    Big Muddy makes a 13-inch scale mandolin. No financial interest here.
  7. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    You can buy a Big Muddy mandolin with a 13-inch violin scale, which makes the notes closer together for smaller hands.
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    Re: Humidifier for Mandolin/Case

    I drilled holes in a soap box and put a small damp sponge in it. You have to change the sponge if it gets moldy and many use distilled water to avoid mold. I only need it in the winter months.
  9. Re: Good mandolin choice for woman with small hands

    I have relatively small hands and play an Eastman mandolin with no issues. If your hands are really tiny, you might consider a violin-scale 13-inch mandolin which will have smaller stretches between...
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    Re: Red Bear Lilí Picker

    I have both Red Bear and Blue Chip (CT55) picks. I like both but I prefer the Red Bear picks and their sound even though they break easily.
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    Re: Looking for tips!

    I think you're off to a good start here. My advice would be to try to play it perfectly at a really slow speed and only play it as fast as you can do it well. That way, you learn good habits instead...
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    Re: floor racks

    You can put each in a case and slide the cases under the sofa if they fit. They will stay protected in the case and that's a good habit for your daughter to begin with.
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    Re: New flat top mandolin

    I've got a bunch of Sasafras growing in my backyard. It grows like a weed here!
  14. Re: Opinion: Wegen M150 vs Blue Chip CT55

    Both good picks. Matter of taste. I prefer the CT55. Your sound may vary.
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    Re: My band asked me to stop playing guitar

    Funny, my wife asked me to go back to guitar. Mandolin sounds shrill to her. Instead I play when she's out, which has been difficult during quarantine here in New York for the last two months.
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    Re: iPhone mic and Audacity

    I use Voice Pro on my Iphone and export to Audacity on my laptop as a wav file. It works well enough, but it's not a bad idea to invest in a better mic.
  17. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe

    I already have the leather that came with the mando, so I'll use that. The grommets are next. :)
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    Re: Eastman mandolins

    I have an older 605 with no pickup, but it's a great little mandolin. I like the look of the back binding, which I don't think the 505s have.
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    Re: Viola to mandolin or mandola

    You'll be able to do a lot with a mandola right out of the box. You can always move to mandolin later -- while many mandolinists these days are disovering Octave Mandolin)
  20. Re: Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string dampe

    Yeah, this is how it came from The Mandolin Store. Thanks! BETWEEN EACH PAIR.
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    Re: D'Addario picks?

    I have two Red Bears and a BC CT55. Both are great picks, but I find I get better tone out of the Red Bears, even though they do break if you're not careful with them. Will have to try the D'Addarios...
  22. Just changed my strings. Need to replace leather string damper

    So does the leather strip go over course one and under course two, or over and under each individual string, which seems difficult to do? Thanks. I know there may be no official method, but I was...
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    Re: Recommendation for an electric?

    I bought a Kentucky e300 and put a Bill Lawrence pickup into it to replace the old lipstick pickup. It was an simple changeover and sounds great now.
  24. Re: Your thoughts on Ellis A4s and other modern, upper tier ovals

    My vote: Pava/Ellis.
  25. Re: Thinking about making a small pedalboard just for the mandoli

    My son's a guitarist and he made a pedalboard out of old orange crates (for wood), black paint, a power supply and velcro tape. Works fine and looks great. You put the power supply on the back and...
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