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    Re: On holidays. Forgot my pick!

    Years ago I played a wedding reception gig using a hunk of a broken CD-ROM - it worked great. But never again!
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    Re: Like this site but for guitar....

    For guitarists at any level who like to play jazz, is a useful and friendly forum.
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    Re: Again with the picks

    I always come back to the celluloid Fender Heavy or equivalent, in the 351 shape; a dozen for less than four bucks, last time I looked. It might not be best, but it is likely all I need... something...
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    Re: Advice on how to learn sheet music?

    A beginner violin book can be really useful. I see them often at Half Price Books.
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    Re: Improvising

    Overthinking is the downfall of successful improvising, in my view. What works for me is to start with a rhythmic pattern that I can play easily. Then "populate it with notes". This advice, which...
  6. Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    After I remove my Snark from the mandolin peghead, or leave the iPhone tuner app, I like to marginally tweak my tuning until I think it sounds best. Right or wrong, I'm using the tuner as a guide...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    Whenever I want to buy and play an expensive mandolin, I think about how much I would miss playing my beat-up Eastman 305. A lot. This has kept me away from > $1k mandolins for several years.
  8. Re: A-Jr tailpiece cover: push it down further?

    Thanks, I will give it a try.
  9. A-Jr tailpiece cover: push it down further?

    I just restrung my Gibson A-Jr, and here's a question: should the tailpiece cover be pushed down further onto the strings, or not? There is room for it to go tighter. I used to press the cover down...
  10. Re: Good "TSA latch" cases available in 2019?

    Last time I flew with a mandolin, in its normal wooden case, was 10 years ago or so. I put it in the overhead - a very tight fit, with all the other suitcases there - to the vocal displeasure of...
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Pick Thread?

    Now and then I use picks I cut from a discarded CD-ROM. I traced a pick shape onto the disc with a Sharpie, cut it out with a heavy scissors, smoothed the edges with a nail file. Not dissimilar to...
  12. Good "TSA latch" cases available in 2019?

    I'm looking at low-priced A-style mandolin cases that I could check as airplane luggage, if overhead storage can't be had. A molded plastic ProRockGear brand case is available on Amazon for 79.99,...
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    Re: Carters and Gruhns...visit yesterday

    I concur with multidon and Br1ck. I don't want to try out any instrument that I know I would not buy.

    I was in a boutique electric guitar store 15 years ago and saw a guy pull a Paul Reed Smith...
  14. Re: Alternative mandolin tuners - Waverly are not the only soluti

    Thank you for this!
  15. Re: Alternative mandolin tuners - Waverly are not the only soluti

    HoGo, I'd like to hear more about how you processed your tuners using an electric drill and rubbing compound; my Eastman's tuners should be easier to turn than they are. I would guess you removed...
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    Re: tonguards they really work?

    If even the finest mandolin needs a Tone-gard to sound its best - and many on this thread say this is true - does this suggest that there is an inherent flaw in traditional mandolin design? If I'm...
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    Re: 90s or earlier Hohner mandolin ID?

    Yes, I figured it was Japanese. Thanks, fernmando.
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    90s or earlier Hohner mandolin ID?

    This Hohner mandolin, which I bought used in 1999 or 2000, has proven to be a good instrument, as good as other sub-$1K mandos I've played since then. Quality wood and construction, nice loud tone...
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    Re: A square surface for a new nut - ?!?!

    Thanks for the excellent replies.

    I like the filing suggestion especially. I couldn't get down to the hardware store right away for a new rectangular file, so instead I rubber-cemented the thin...
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    A square surface for a new nut - ?!?!

    Almost done with my second refret job - amateur that I am, I only work on my own instruments. Frets are neatly trimmed, leveled and crowned, polished - all looks good. Next, I'll be shimming the...
  21. With the cover off, I like this tailpiece

    The mandolin doesn't sound great, but I kinda like the look of this Rogue tailpiece. Reminds me of the "steampunk" fad of a few years back.

  22. Re: Heavy gauge strings (J75) on a vintage Gibson A

    No knock intended on Curt Mangan strings - the set was just too light.
  23. Re: Heavy gauge strings (J75) on a vintage Gibson A

    Just to muddy the waters: a google search for "best strings for Gibson A-Jr" finds several older threads on MC where highly experienced players OK, or even recommend, the use of J74s.

    I'd had...
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    Re: Strategy to get better

    No mention yet in this thread of using a metronome. Slow and clean practice with a metronome has been my biggest technique builder over the years.

    If not using a phone app or computer program,...
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    Lotsa nut blanks for low bucks

    I have been making nuts - in my amateur way - for years, from this dog chew bone I got at a pet store for three bucks. Shown is the Rogue plastic nut I'll be replacing shortly. I haven't seen this...
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