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    Re: 1912 Gibson A-1 that needs some love

    I revived a 1913 last year that arrived in slightly worse condition. It's no collector's piece but I love it. If I didn't have a million other things to do right now, I'd jump on this one...
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    Probably the 1913 Gibson A that I brought back from the dead. The labor I have in it is easily double or triple its actual market value as a heavily restored & refinished mandolin, so for that reason...
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    Re: Sapele end block grain orientation?

    Thanks John -- I'll probably use the face grain then, as the depth is closer to my needed dimension. A few good strokes of a jack plane or a pass at the saw and I'll be there.

    And thanks Bill --...
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    Sapele end block grain orientation?

    Searched but couldn’t find a real comprehensive answer. I have a nice piece of 8/4 sapele and I’m wondering whether the “face” or the “edge” grain should be the gluing surface for the top and back...
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    Re: pick recommendation

    Sure, a thousand recommendations! But here are some general guidelines from me:
    Budget Dunlop Primetone large triangle. Cheap enough to lose, but good enough to end your search.

    Mid-range Wegen...
  6. Re: No mandolin content. Taylor Guitars story about sourcing wood

    The article says it (easy it to get lost in between the ads, etc.):

    “The new material, which Taylor is calling “Urban Ash,” is being sourced from Mexican Shamel Ash trees planted throughout...
  7. Re: Appendectomy: Trust Your Gut (some mandolin content)

    Yikes! Somehow mine hadn’t ruptured, despite waiting almost four days. Like I said, the pain never was really horrible... but I didn’t accept my first telemedicine diagnosis of a kidney stone. My...
  8. Appendectomy: Trust Your Gut (some mandolin content)

    Title says it. Went to the ER yesterday and had my appendix swiftly removed. Symptoms started Tuesday and never got that bad, to be honest. I’m glad I trusted my gut, despite my hesitation to visit a...
  9. Re: Has Anyone Received Stimulus Check? (Possible Mandolin Conten

    Mine went through this morning. Unfortunately there are no new mandolins in my future, but I can still browse the classifieds with interest.
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    Re: new top F hole repair

    I’m with John... I’ll be maybe the first in this thread to say that the existing repair doesn’t even look that bad. Sure, it’s not completely invisible, but if you had finished the instrument and...
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    Re: Elkhorn mango F-5 in the classifieds

    I said the same thing to my wife earlier. It’s a good thing I don’t have that kind of money squirreled away or I’d be buying myself a “shelter in place” present.
  12. Re: What if I removed the nitro finish from the sides of my mando

    I just had an older steel string with what sounds like a similar finish. I had to remove the pickguard and ended up removing the finish underneath — it was peeling off the wood in large, somewhat...
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    Re: Transtint Dye for finishing HELP?

    Can’t speak for anybody else, but in my case, I was unsure about the effect of adding so much moisture to my instrument. I figured if I ended up building color very slowly (and making some mistakes...
  14. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    Luckily the nursery specs male ginkgo for that reason! We have several planted on campus at my work and I've never noticed a stench. Bradford Pear, on the other hand....
  15. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    I just moved three little 12" pines out of my "no grow" landscaped area and am looking forward to seeing if they can take somewhere more appropriate.

    I planted our new maple over the footprint of...
  16. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    Yep, no need for bragging, high horses, soapboxes or shaming. I love and respect wood (both trees and lumber) and I want my kids to get the same enjoyment out of watching them grow and change.
  17. Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    I live in my childhood home, in a cul-de-sac that's mostly surrounded by trees. Over my 32 years I've seen us lose one maple tree to a storm, another to old age, two dogwoods to sewer / drainage...
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    Re: Chris Thile's new pick

    Got mine in the mail Saturday from American Musical Supply. It was glassy smooth out of the package, but becomes a bit textured with some hand warmth. The tone is brighter than my normal Wegen. I...
  19. Re: Sam Bush playing something other than Hoss?

    I can't remember the story behind this one -- I think it was some kind of award or gift? -- but if you follow his Instagram, he fairly regularly showcases this one and his other instruments when he...
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    Re: D'Addrio picks?

    It looks like they keep getting backordered -- my wife pre-ordered one that was supposed to be here shortly after my birthday in early January, and now the website is showing "expected March 8." Like...
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    Re: Inlay colors

    In those colors, I'd be thinking about a dyed maple or colored epoxy. The benefit (or problem, if you will) of epoxy is that it depends on the accuracy of your mortises.

    Google turned this up...
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    Re: Tailpiece for Eastman 515

    I had the same issue just a few months ago. I contacted Eastman and they shipped me a replacement with a week. Great service, and no extra work on your part. I can’t imagine any tailpiece providing a...
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    Re: Who can repair a top plate joint?

    Member rcc56 is just down the road here in Chattanooga and has vast experience!
  24. Thread: Who?

    by Drew Streip

    Re: Who?

    When I was primarily a sax player, I got compared to Paul Desmond a couple times (think "Take Five"). I don't sing enough to draw a comparison, and I'm not sure any of my peers know enough mandolin...
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    Re: Chris Thile's new pick

    My lovely wife pre-ordered one from one of those sites for my birthday. I'll be happy to report back on how much I like it and how I improved 200% overnight.
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