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  1. Re: Rigel Mandolins not responding emails - tailpiece question

    Rumi, I've got a phone # for you, I'll pm it to you.
  2. Re: Rigel Mandolins not responding emails - tailpiece question

    A friend sent a Rigel to Pete Langdell this past year for a repair. He communicated well and did a nice job. I'll check with him to see what email he used.
  3. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    I have a wonderful wife of 47 years (I jokingly refer to her as a bluegrass widow). I sold a couple of vintage Gibson mandolins recently to lighten my collection. She expressed concern that I would...
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    Re: Locating previously owned Gibson...

    Without a serial # or name of who you sold it to, it would be pretty tough.
    I've owned mandolins I've sold in the past and have spotted them at jams or onstage. After they change hands a couple of...
  5. Re: ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    Allan, you are wise to be cautious. They remind me of the Gibson F's from that period as the neck join doesn't have the riser feature and the fingerboards have fancy inlay. I wonder what neck joints...
  6. Re: ALVAREZ MANDOLIN F Style A900 early 1970's on Ebay

    It has a lot nicer looking wood than a lot I've seen. Without being able to play it, I'd personally would be reluctant to chance it. I have bought Kentucky KM1000's without trying them and have not...
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    Re: Women with Mandolins

    Approaching this thread's 15th year. I don't think Elizabeth Taylor has already graced this thread. From recent Monteleone thread:
  8. Re: Gibson F-5L from '78-'82 Serial numbers and information.

    Pictured here is my F5-L from '81 and my Fern from '06. The F5L sn is 80501049, signed by Rich Brown, April 6, '81.
    The F5-L darker finish looks more Loarish to me. I also favor the F5-L.
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    Re: New milestone

    Congratulations Charles! I feel like I've been silent too long, lol!
  10. Re: what do you think would be the best case ever.

    The closest I've come to owning a Carlton was when I bought a KM1000 at a festival. The seller had it in a Carlton and wanted $300 extra for it or I could have the original case. He sent me home with...
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    Re: Want info on Nichols Road mandolins

    If you could get a Nichols Road for $2000.00, I think you'd be doing very well. See attached*
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    Re: Info on builder

    Here are a few more pics of the Nichols Road
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    Re: Info on builder

    I own a Nichols Road, here it is on the left. I like it well, it has good strong tone and chop, notes well, and is easy to play. James tailpiece (engraved) comes as standard equipment.
    This one...
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    Re: Grandpa Jones' mandolin (?)

    It looks like it says "The Gibson" on the headstock, I would guess an F-4 style copy by a private maker.
  15. Re: National Polychrome Neck removal question.

    Here's one I used to own.
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    Re: gibson f-model mandolins

    I have an '81 Gibson F5L and favor it over my more modern Fern. They are both very good but the '81 has that something special. My bandmates express their preference for the '81 as well. As others...
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    Re: Jaybird Artistic Mandolin Info

    I would guess a one-off build but a photo may give some clues. Interesting name.
  18. Re: what glue to use on 70yo mando w/ previous repairs?

    I use hot hide glue for most everything in repairs and builds. The biggest benefit is if one has to undo a joint. I'm anticipating a heel repair on an upright. It's a 1855 with a previous repair. I...
  19. Re: Should I put a Mandolin Cafe Sticker on my Vintage Lifton Cas

    I've got a modern double case with stickers all over but my vintage A & F cases are sticker free. I believe stickers could pull off material from a vintage case if removed. The best surface for...
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    Re: Bragg Handmade Mandolins?

    Corey Eller/Willow Tree Stringed Instruments is located in Dallas, WV (Dallas Pike exit) near Wheeling. He is a friend who had done great work for me and many of my friends. I don't know where...
  21. Re: rarest of rare in the classifieds, great instrument, super pr

    This says it all:
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    Re: Epoxy pore fill and sunburst

    perhaps you could add powdered dye to the epoxy?
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    Re: 1960's Gibsons

    Yes, L was for Loar according to Roger Siminoff. I own an '81 F5L and a later Fern. I somehow reach for the F5L more frequently although both are great.
  24. Re: David Grisman - 'Home is Where the Heart is'

    Home Is Where The Heart Is & Here Today, both favorites!
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    Re: ID the wood on this Sovereign?

    Nice looking Sovereign! I was looking through my instrument photo file and recalled that I used to own a Sovereign (with pearloid fretboard):
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