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    Re: MIX Carbon Fiber Mandolin Truss Rod Question

    Update! The Mix Mandolin has been evaluated by a couple of luthiers at Dusty Strings and as Peter Mix predicted, the neck is straight. Only a minor adjustment is necessary. Thank you to J. Condino...
  2. Re: Mandolin players who bought or have played a Waterloo Mandoli

    I acquired my Waterloo sunburst about a year ago. I have a herd of mandolins and some were pricey. The Waterloo is my only flat top and the least expensive of the bunch. That being said, it has...
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    Re: Waterloo Mandolin Released

    I purchased a Waterloo from Artisan Guitars and couldn't be more pleased. It is beautifully built, plays like butter and sounds like a much older instrument. And given what new, good quality...
  4. Re: Requesting input about Collings MFO and MF5O and other ovals.

    Thank you, again for all of your thoughtful responses. Despite my expressed interest an oval hole, I tried out a Collings MF5 and found it excellent for my needs and acquired it. This, after playing...
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