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  1. Thread: 61 F5 at Carters

    by rcc56

    Re: 61 F5 at Carters


    Ted McCarty is Gibson's president. His interests are largely focused on furthering the development of the electric guitar. I don't know whether Julius Bellson, who was a mandolinist, was...
  2. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    That question will start a debate.

    In my experience, Gibson oval hole mandolins can vary tremendously in tone quality and projection. The year or model does not seem to be a determining factor to...
  3. Re: Why did Gibson return to Paddleheads after Snakeheads?

    Per Paul Fox's book - Shipping totals 1935 to 1945

    Model A
    1935 - 0
    1936 - 2
    1937 - 1
    1938 - 0
    1941 - 2
    1942 - 1
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    Re: Can this Gibson really fetch such a price?

    Maybe it's full of Dave Apollon's toenail clippings?

    Either that or Dr. Lori the antique appraiser is at it again ...
  5. Re: Campanella, Red Diamond, Northfield, Collings experience

    My guess is that if more folks spent more time using their hands and ears when shopping for an instrument, instead of focusing on names, specs, or a particular look; there would be a lot less...
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