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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    Found one locally at pre-tarrif prices. Paying it off now; hope to have it home in a couple of weeks.
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    Re: The Kentucky

    I was looking at a K1000 and the K1050 among other options, including some vintage MIJ axes.

    I ended up with the Eastman 515. It was on sale from The Mandolin Store, and came with a case. Not...
  3. Re: Import Flatiron Festival vs Eastman MD515

    I can't speak to the new Flatties. I can tell you my 515 is a little over a year old. I am always taken by the great tone of this instrument. Fit and finish are also impressive. Mine also sports a...
  4. Re: Emando players: What do you want in an amp?

    I would want an amp that captures the various tonalities of the instruments. Stealie should sound different than the 335 style 8 string.

    Also, I want a versatile voiced amp. Blues should be able...
  5. Re: ISO Recs for Bluegrass Mandolins in the $900-1.2K rang

    Eastman 515. New, with lifetime warranty right in that range.
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    Re: Eastman ERM El Rey

    I saw one in a local store today; played it thru a Rivera Thirty Twelve. I have to say EL34 is not my choice circuit; I'm much more a 6V6 guy. That said, this little axe played wonderfully, and...
  7. Re: Bose S1 Pro rechargable amp, backpack unit. Love it!

    Reviving this thread. I just got back from the Bose store where I tried one with the Rigel. I was only able to fill the room dimed. Clearly it snd the piezo aren't getting along. I presume it would...
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    Re: F4 Mandolin Copy

    I still regret trading my MK-O for a custom octave mandolin a decade ago. Yep. The Michael Kelly line, bought used. Once I had the frets and neck adjusted by Steve Sauve in North Adams, MA it was...
  9. Re: what strings do you recommend for a rigel mando ?

    Also pretty much stuck with the J-74 and their follow-on for all my acoustics. The Rigel certainly seems to like them.
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    Re: Rubner tuners are back

    Looking at the Rubner page. The worm-under F style tuners are not yet available, and I see nothing about worm-over tuners. Is this accurate?

    Much as I am surprised by how much I am loving my...
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    Re: Us newbies are cracking on ;)

    You're killing me with this one. I really like your take on it. What are the dimensions and scale of that instrument?
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    Re: Pre Gibson Epiphone Mandolin

    Whoa! Some respect, please! ;-) That "old cheapie epi" was a 1935 Olympic arch-top. Sure, the Olympics weren't the Masterbuilt level Epi's but they were certainly not "cheapie" instruments. The $35...
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    Re: Solo Performance Gear

    I have an L1 with bass module and 4 channel tonematch mixer about to go up on CL for a friend. PM me if interested.
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    Re: Tonegards

    The 'Gard is great. I have older ones, but appreciate the materials have changed over time in response to user experience.
  15. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    If I were looking to take $25K to the store, I'd be looking for a Monteleone. A style, F style, Radio Flyer, Grand Artist, I would be thrilled with any of them FWIW Reverb has a few offered....
  16. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    The emando is a whole other set of tools for expression, and part of the great variety of mandolins in general in regards to shapes, build styles, woods, etc.

    Beyond my acoustics (Rigel A and...
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    Re: How do you clean your mandolin?

    Lint free cloth on the body. A small patch of lamb's wool over the fretboard before putting it away takes care of skin oils on the strings.
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    Re: Sullivan mandolins, fqms.

    Russ beat me to it. I still remember the sadness I had when FQMS dropped their retail operations. My Rigel came from their store.
  19. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    My recommendation is for an amp that easily moves between a lead and clean sound. A built in boost on the lead makes it all the better. A good reverb in this mix really makes most pedals moot. If you...
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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    +1 for Stiver. Lou's work is incredible. His F models, brand new in stores, run between $5250-$5850. You may be able to find a used Rattlesnake in that range. Olin's work has moved beyond your budget...
  21. Re: Mandolin Luthier Recommendations NY/NJ/PA

    Maybe also more a schlep than you want, but Brooklyn, and RetroFret? Make sure to go to the new location, 87 Luquer St, Brooklyn.
  22. Re: man I need a good tuner foot pedal model. not clip on

    The Polytune Noir is on my board. The only possible replacement would be a Sonic Research ST 300 mini.
  23. Re: Question about Acoustic Amps and PreAmps

    A guitar playing buddy of mine goes thru a Boss acoustic preamp pedal into the Tonematch for his Bose S1. It sounds so great he went out and bought another S1.

    On the other side of the spectrum, I...
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    Re: ‘Beach’ mandolin

    This is the second consecutive summer I've traveled to Israel with a mando. Last year I brought the Crafter. This year I have the Eastman. It traveled with no hassles or complaints in its hard case,...
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    Re: PA trip

    The Bluett shop is nearby.
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