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  1. Re: A Gibson A3 in the white. In the white — get it?

    In 1979 Pete Alenov of Pete's Guitars in St. Paul told me to refinish my Fender Jazz bass as it was worth "nothing" in the condition I purchased it in. So, back then different dealers had different...
  2. Re: A Gibson A3 in the white. In the white — get it?

    Well, it was done at a time when if the instrument wasn't pristine looking, might as well strip and refinish. Did that with my first electric bass. Remember, 40 years ago, these were still "used"...
  3. Re: Care with old mandolins and modern cases...

    That's good to know. Was very seriously looking at one of those for the Coombe before going with the TKL. Just wasn't sure it would fit comfortably.
  4. Re: Care with old mandolins and modern cases...

    The Vectra still has issues. It will not work with my Strad-O-Lin. Or probably any other instrument with a deep body. And other reviews have said it doesn't work on an instrument with an elevated...
  5. Re: Care with old mandolins and modern cases...

    Yup. And not just older instruments. Any instrument where the neck doesn't meet the body at about the 14th fret or so has a similar issue. My Coombe does not fit in either a Travelite or a Airloom...
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    Seriously, though, I end up using a small flathead screwdriver to start moving the tailpiece cover on my SOL (and Gibson A Jr for that matter). Both are very tight fitting and difficult to remove....
  7. Re: Mandolin playing mindset vs guitar playing mindset

    Yup. I had stopped really flatpicking for about a decade before taking up mandolin. Was playing rhythm either in old time or Nordic music. So going to mandolin this time was easier.
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    Re: Obscure, solid Mandolin Players

    Around here in Minnesota we had Peter Ostroushko, who left us way too soon, Bob Douglas, who was the original mandolin player in the Powdermilk Biscuit Band and the New Prairie Ramblers with Peter....
  9. Re: First instrument(s) suggestions - mostly Irish/celtic/folk

    Of your own suggestions, they are all good. I don't play ITM, but have heard the Kentucky, Calhoun and different Big Muddy models over the years. And have owned a few Big Muddy/Mid Missouri...
  10. Re: Vega cylinderback with no logo ... made for the trade?

    Am wondering if this was left handed at one point? The strap button and tan line at the bridge make me wonder.

    If it doesn't need work, seems to me like it's a good deal.
  11. Re: NICE OLD PICK GUARD (1930'S or 1940's ???)

    Nope. Mine is about 3 1/8. It's closer. But the length would send it all the way to the bridge and it would be a touch wider than the body of mine, which is a ca. 1935 SOL.
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    Re: Early 1900s Gibson Catalogue

    Just for posterity - final selling price was $1,200.00.

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    Re: Eastman Vs. Morris

    Have played both, and while I like the Eastman, would get a Morris instead. Both should hold up well. That's not a problem. The biggest difference will be a Morris under $1k will probably be a...
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    Re: Ebay Gibson F-5

    IMO, it's silly. Then again, he's asking $16k for a 1954 D-28 with an 80's case.

    That mandolin will be for sale for a long time at that price, IMO.
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    John Goodin passing

    Not much to add. Just read it from a mutual friend on FB. He played in Contracopia as well as Foot Notes with Beth Horven Rotto. Also was a composer and was the person behind Playford for Mandolin...
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    Re: Loars at Carter’s

    Yes, and a friend who is a vintage dealer let me know years ago that bursts have their own market and rarely make it on to the sales floor (or website these days).
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    Re: Tuner Recommendations

    Another vote for the Peterson iStroboSoft app. Does a nice job showing which octave it is picking up.

    To not add anything Korg Sledgehammer Pro tuner comes packaged in what is known as a "can of...
  18. Re: URGENT: Found stolen Pegasus case - Goshen, IN

    Possibly the OP has been advised it would be best not to say anything more if there is something going on. Hopefully it gets resolved and we can find out what happened.
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    Re: Clown Barf Construction

    Ha! First off, that pretty much lines up with my own observations on those three picks. Also, that's probably the first time I've seen David Lindley referred to being a hipster. Brought a smile to my...
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    Re: Eastman Octave Mando...

    There is quite a bit out there on this forum and in other places. Mostly when they first showed up and then as the 2nd batch arrived. That's when I got mine. While I have looked at other OM's since...
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    Re: Screamin' CL deal on a (very worn) F2

    Good luck. Hope it is a deal and you are able to get it. That's the type of instrument I'd love. Thankfully am in a full buying moratorium right now.
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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    I wear mine over the left shoulder. Habit from guitar playing days. And yes, it is both comfortable and well made although the leather is slightly stiff new. Being thicker leather that's just the way...
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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    Got one for my F5S. It's high quality work and I like it. Also comfortable.

    Yes, the Lakota can stretch. I have a custom round one that I had on a different instrument. The round braid is much...
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    Re: My MAS is cured.

    Here's hoping the OP has been cured of MAS. Can easily see those two instruments being enough. Had a Flatiron Performer that I moved on earlier this year and it was definitely a keeper if I hadn't...
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    Re: TI Single Strings

    Just Strings -

    Recently got some spare Stark E for my Coombe.

    (Update) - sorry missed the need for mandola....
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