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  1. Re: Finding a strap with holes the right size for my mando.

    I have several pieces for our mandolin straps that have large strap-buttonholes, precisely because I designed them for my Kentucky KM-675 years ago. We have since changed to a more common 1/4"...
  2. L/F recommendation: mandolin set-up & repair in So. Calif.

    Can anyone provide a recommendation for a good mandolin repair person for set-up & adjustment? I'm in Southern California in the Pasadena area.

    Thanks all.
  3. Re: NMD 1935 Martin A-Style (and a 'lighbulb moment'!)

    I have a 1950 Martin A mandolin that I purchased back in 1979. It's a peach, but you might want to do yourself (but not your wallet) a favor and check out a Collings MT mandolin. They are louder,...
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    Re: Old dangerfield - Sierra Hull Live

    Sierra Hull is just killer on this video. This is what recently inspired me to get Old Dangerfield under my fingers. It's hypnotic.
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    Re: Process of learning a classical tune

    This discussion interests me as an amateur mandolinist who plays mostly Bach, and mostly from Daniel Sellman's two transcription books of Bach for mandolin. Although I think all the responders to...
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    Re: Strap Recommendation for A-style

    A shameless plug for my company's mandolin straps: El Dorado. We make them and I personally use them on my two Collings mandolin and on my recently acquired Collings Mandola.

    No buckles,...
  7. Re: Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    The more videos of Sierra Hull I watch the more amazed I am at her talent. Arguably one of the best mandolinist/multi-instrumentalist in the world.
  8. Re: Coming back to Mandolin and have a few questions.

    I've played a few of the vintage Gibson A model mandolins, and I found them to be a bit difficult to play, especially compared to contemporary mandos out there, and I wasn't sold on the tone. YMMV....
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    Re: Collings MTO: replacement tuners?

    My experience exactly. I purchased a used 2012 MT with the Stew-Mac Golden Age tuners that were an absolute bear to use. I phoned Collings and got told to phone Stew-Mac directly and tell them...
  10. Re: Replacing a Collings tailpiece with a James tailpiece

    Rather than fight City Hall (or the Collings tailpiece) I have a roll of blue painter's masking tape handy. I use a little piece of the tape and stick it on top of the string area once I have the...
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    Re: Recording through the Bach Cello Suites

    Nicely done, Phil! I've been working on several of the Bach cello pieces and sonatas for the past four or five years. Not the easiest stuff to pull off, but you do it with ease. I'm very impressed.
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    +1 for the Collings MT mandolins. I own an MT and an MTO. I went through a couple of Kentucky's and Loar's, and two very nice Eastmans. In my opinion the Collings A model mandolins are head and...
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    Re: The masterís hands

    Funny, I was just watching a YouTube video that refers to the same topic, but in regard to violins, which are first-cousins to mandolins. Very amusing & informative
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    Re: Strap Recommendation

    May I humbly suggest looking at El Dorado mandolin straps. We don't promote them as strongly as our guitar straps, but many mandolin stores, such as TME and Gryphon find their customers like them a...
  15. Re: Thile's Fingering- Bach's B minor Partita, BWV 1002: II. Doub

    Thanks, Jake. Got it! I've been working on this piece. Great warmup piece; I prefer this instead of doing scales.
  16. Re: Thile's Fingering- Bach's B minor Partita, BWV 1002: II. Doub

    Jake: I don't see anything except a black box below your post. Can you give me a hand here?

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    Re: Livestream Bach on the mandolin workshop

    I'd definitely be interested. Bach is just about all I'm playing on the mandolin
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    Re: How High the Moon by John 5

    John 5 can play anything!
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    A man goes into a pawn shop in San Francisco and, for the purpose of this joke, buys a dead rat. He walks out of the shop holding the rat by the tail.

    After walking a block or two he gets a...
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    Re: replacement tuners for Martin mandolin?

    Yipes, Mike! I was a hair's breath away from pulling the trigger on a set of the Harmony's advertised on Reverb.

    I'll have my tech, Nowell, fix the current cracked tuner & will just go with new...
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    Re: replacement tuners for Martin mandolin?

    Thanks, all! I probably will be bringing my Martin A to my favorite mandolin tech, Nowell Seagel of Living Tree Music. He either epoxied or Duco-cemented one of my other buttons back together & so...
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    replacement tuners for Martin mandolin?

    Another tuner button on my '50 Martin A mandolin just cracked. Those buttons apparently
    don't last forever.

    Rather than keep gluing them back together, I'm wondering if there's a direct-fit...
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    Re: HSC for Martin A style mandolin (update)

    I've got a 1950 model A in very decent shape but in its original chipboard case.

    Please keep me in the loop about the new batch of cases for the Martins.
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    Re: Great experience with Collings/Stewmac

    Yep, same thing for me. I bought a used MT with the Golden Age tuners and I experienced the same problem: they were incredibly stiff and a pain to use. I contacted Collings and got a new set of...
  25. Re: Deciding on my first mandolin, focusing on classical/old-time

    rolkinn: classical, and Bach in particular, is what I play on mandolin. I have a Collings MT and an MT-O which both sound great when playing Bach. Chris Thile plays the hell out of the Bach...
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