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    Re: Compressor?

    I use one on mandolin with rock bands, it makes it easier to control volume when switching from chording to single note lines. Good players step toward a mike or away to do the same thing. For...
  2. Re: Thinking about making a small pedalboard just for the mandoli

    Hey Mojocaster- Ah, okay, that makes sense! I tried a bunch of different pedals with mandolin, and came to the conclusion that what I typically wanted was usually just a good basic mandolin sound,...
  3. Re: Thinking about making a small pedalboard just for the mandoli

    What effects do you want to use on mandolin?

    In addition to the preamp, eq+tuner features for pretty much any situation where I need to plug in, and I tend to want compression, reverb and delay...
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    Re: Used Gibsons

    I played in a band where the guitarist constantly bought and sold guitars. He'd have 3 or 4 around at a time, each for a couple of months. He'd be really enthused about them for a couple of...
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    Re: Using a DI and Preamp

    I'm using the Boss AD-10, if that is the model you are looking at. It has both XLR and 1/4 outputs on it, so you can go from it to a PA board without needing a DI, or you can feed an amplifier using...
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    Re: Some Questions on New Purchase

    Cool looking instrument, it should be fun!

    It's not hard to get used to CGDA tuning, coming from GDAE, and DGBE might work as well. Have fun experimenting.
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    Using a capo may help, it may make the open stings more useful, even though it's not traditional. I've worked with singers who capoed all over the place, having useful notes on the open strings...
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    Re: Point of Diminishing Returns

    I've heard the term "practicing to failure" in the discussion of sports skills, meaning that once you start to see this type of failure appearing, you've gotten too tired (mentally or physically)...
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    Re: Overclock your mandolin?

    There are people who do some good work regraduating the tops of old student grade fiddles, which tended to be overbuilt. It's not really that hard to take the top off a fiddle (if it was made with...
  10. Re: Different picks for different instruments

    Once I switched from Fender Heavy guitar picks to Primetone 1.5s or BlueChip 60s, I've never gone back, I use 1.5s or thicker on everything now. I think it helped my guitar playing.

    Try some...
  11. Re: Weber factory tuner I.D. wanted / Adjustment question

    The site below has a helpful discussion of tuner issues, the lubrication process discussed was really effective for me.
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    Re: Introduction / Phoenix Standard

    That's a nice looking mandolin. You seldom go wrong buying quality instruments, used is even better. Enjoy!
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    Re: ToneGuard Question

    These things are all tools, if they work well, use 'em, regardless of how little they cost.
  14. Re: Why are good mandolins more expensive than good guitars?

    Mandolins are also a specialty market, there are way more guitars sold out there than mandolins, so there is an economy of scale effect here as well.
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    Re: Advice on how to learn sheet music?

    Try taking a basic fiddle tune and writing the fingerings down under the notes, just 1,2,3,4 so you remember which finger it is. After doing a few tunes this way, the note locations and sounds...
  16. Re: ISO Recs for Bluegrass Mandolins in the $900-1.2K rang

    Flatiron A
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    Re: For $300....would you?

    It does sound like a good deal, on what is probably a pretty solid instrument, probably close to what you have now sonically. I'd play some instruments in the next category up, basic webers,...
  18. Re: Warren Ellis Mandostang G string out of tune

    It can be your technique, but also check the height of the string at the nut, if the string is too far above the frets, pushing it down on the frets will stretch it sharp. A bit of careful set up...
  19. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Started on guitar, started a bit of mandolin when I was about 16, started playing a lot in my 20s, after my wife insisted I get a decent one. I consider mandolin my main instrument these days, but...
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    Re: Higher Education for Mandolin

    I met a contra dance caller/musician, primarily a mandola player, who had gone to East Tennessee State University, they have a Bluegrass, Old-Time and Country music degree program
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    Re: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

    How about the Slockit Light? A lovely thing
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    Re: Ideas for a mandolin, $500-1,000

    Watch for a used flatiron a, either a flattop or an archtop. There are other good choices, this is just my preference in this price range.
  23. Re: Mandolin players who bought or have played a Waterloo Mandoli

    My kid is gonna inherit a lot of cool stuff :)
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    Re: A New Pick For Slick?

    Try some different picks when you get your mandolin, it's astonishing how much difference in sound different picks make on a mandolin. That sounds really stupid, but I sure hear it. I used Fender...
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    Re: Would you sacrifice tone for playability?

    There may be some of that going on, I'd have to admit. For me though, strings that are too light bounce around too much, making them harder to play. Rubber bands would drive me nuts, let alone...
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