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  1. Re: Rest Strokes - a means to an end, or part of regular techniqu

    For many classical players it is absolutely a part of their technique and used when the music dictates its use. It is definitely not just a temporary learning tool. I have no idea about other genres...
  2. Re: Campanella, Red Diamond, Northfield, Collings experience

    I'm very curious if anyone on the Cafe owns the F5 Mary is referring to and would be willing to post pictures? Thank you.
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    Re: To look at the mando or not?

    I don't think it's a reflection of how "good" a player is; or that the player is a "beginner"; or anything else. Like picks; like pick grip; like strings; like mandolins - it's individual preference....
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    Re: Pick Thickness

    My experience is that the particular instrument you are playing may impact your choice of pick thickness. For example, I prefer a thinner pick for my bowl back. I suspect that most people will prefer...
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    Re: The Joy of an OM

    My OM has a 23" scale and I have no problems with a floppy G string - or any other strings. Going to an OM from a mandolin does require a different approach to fingering but it's not really a huge...
  6. Thread: Hi Everyone

    by Tim Logan

    Re: Hi Everyone

    Welcome Eric. You will find that the Cafe is an unbelievably great resource for all things mandolin. The members are kind and generous with there knowledge.
  7. Gertrud Troster, Jiro Nakano sheet music

    I so much enjoy listening to Gertrud Troster's CD Nakano: Jewels for the Mandolin that I just wanted to make sure people were aware that music for these pieces is available on the SheetMusicPlus...
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    Re: The Joy of an OM

    The most enjoyable instrument I have ever played is my 23" scale Burgin Octave Mandolin!
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    Eva Scow and Mike Marshall

    I would love to see these two incredible musicians performing together. As far as I can tell it has never happened.

    Edit: Actually the more I think about it maybe this is an inappropriate hope....
  10. Re: Differences between Eastwood Mandostag and Godin A8

    kurth83 I should have said Mandocaster - sorry. So would you be saying the Godin and Mandocaster are essentially similar? Or am I being obtuse?

    Jim, I have listened to a great deal of Eva Scow and...
  11. Differences between Eastwood Mandostag and Godin A8

    I know absolutely nothing about electric mandolins - so please bear with my question. For practical purposes are these two mandolins essentially the same? Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Ever just love the sound of your mandolin?

    Absolutely! All four of them!
  13. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    The luthier who recently made my octave mandolin was totally amenable to my selecting woods. First we discussed the tonal qualities of all the woods that I was curious about until we decided on a...
  14. Re: It's the anniversary of Mandolin Mondays #1

    Mandolin Monday's is super!!!
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    Re: PW Crump Guitar Bodied Bouzouki?

    Last summer I corresponded with Mr. Crump while deciding on an octave mandolin. He is definitely still making instruments.
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    Re: Thank you Scott and Mandolin Cafe

    Support your local mandolin cafe today. Send a New Year's donation. The Cafe's on line presence is more important than ever in these difficult times!
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    Re: Thank you Scott and Mandolin Cafe

    Not enough good things can be said about the Mandolin Cafe. Fantastic - and please always donate when you successfully use the classifieds. The resources here are priceless!
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    Re: Burgin Shanghai Octave Mandolin review

    I have had this octave mandolin for over a month now. Every day I enjoy it more. Fingering challenges are becoming quite manageable as is tremolo on the heavier strings. I highly recommend the two...
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    Re: Round Bevel vs Speed Bevel

    I always keep two of each pick that I like - one with a rounded edge and one with a bevel. For certain situations I will also get a more pointed version of a pick as well. My picks are BC's and Red...
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    Re: How Many Like Blonde Mandos??

    Come to think of it, I guess I'm into blondes 😂




  21. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    Jake you're terrific- thanks so much for your patience and explanations. This is really helpful!
  22. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    Jake - I looked up the Shure KSM32 microphone and about fell over when I saw the $500+ cost LOL. I have been using a simple Zoom iQ7 microphone which plugs into my iphone 8. I cannot really tell a...
  23. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    Thanks Jake. I will experiment and chip away at it I'll definitely send you a message if I run into a problem. Again, great video!
  24. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    Jake thank you so much for such a thorough answer. I have been trying to experiment with this type of thing and in particular your comments about lighting are most helpful. One thing that I do get...
  25. Re: Invention in C Major BWV 772 Nugget F5 and Northfield Octave

    Jake can you please share with this techno dummy how you made such a great video? Software? Mistakes to avoid? Equipment? Thank you.
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