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  1. Re: Boston-area repair people and luthiers

    Ben Pearce in Cambridge does great work, feel free to drop me a pm if you want to get in touch.
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    Re: Composition in Roots Music

    Quick list of folks that come to mind that haven't been mentioned:

    Haas Kowert Tice
    Matt Flinner Trio
    Jayme Stone's music
    Mr. Sun
    Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge

    Not quite in the same vein,...
  3. For The Common Wealth - Ethan Setiawan solo tune

    Hey all! I just finished this tune and put it on YouTube. I thought I would share it here as well.

    Hope you enjoy!
  4. Re: Bush, McCoury and Hoffman in mandolin jam

    Sure dude! Shoot me your email address in a pm and I'll hook you up.
  5. Re: Bush, McCoury and Hoffman in mandolin jam

    I actually just finished transcribing Jacob Jolliff's solos from this, so here they are! They're pretty intense, but pretty fun to play too, so enjoy...
  6. Re: 17 year old wins Walnut Valley Bluegrass

    Thanks for the kind words friends! Just to clarify, Walnut Valley changed the name about 5 years ago from the Walnut Valley Mandolin Contest to the National Mandolin Championship. I'm the youngest to...
  7. Original tune I wrote with mandolin, mandocello

    Hello all,
    Here's a new tune I just finished! I'm using a Jim Shenk mandolin and mandocello and a real cello too. Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!
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    Re: Jim Shenk mando #172
    Here's a tune.

    @coletrickle: That's a cool octave. :)
    Jay Lapp's mando is #115 I think? Or thereabouts, the year is 2004. Jay's mando is great but Jim...
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    Re: Celtic - what should I listen to?

    The current Irish mando player is Marla Fibish. She really gets the Irish sound out of a mandolin and is worth listening to just for phrasing and fingering options. She has several CDs.

    I think...
  10. Re: Post a video/soundclip of yourself playing Jazz

    Me and Don Stiernberg playing 4 Brothers. Don's been my teacher for the past year and these are the fruits of my labors.
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    Re: Tony Rice - Neon Tetra Chords

    Now does anybody know? :confused:
  12. Re: Don Stiernberg and Dudu Maia at Old Town School April 20

    I'll be there...anyone else? Really excited!
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    Re: The first song you learned

    Old Joe Clark.
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