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    Re: S.S. Stewart

    When I saw this I thought it was a thread about a Steam Ship?
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    Re: Acoustic Engineer

    I see Dave Harvey's signature on mine, but can't find the "Acoustic Engineer" title anywhere?
    I stand corrected. It's in small print (or I need new glasses) right underneath Dave's signature. :grin:
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    Re: Acoustic Engineer

    I don't know about then, but today, Engineers on trains are Federally licensed, the last time I looked that up.
    I have worked in similar fields over the years. I was in the Merchant Marine for 28...
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    Re: Did Bill Collings Sign All Or Some?

    I know mine is. And yes, it wasn't until I looked really closely that I made out the signature. Or actually, that I even realized there was a signature there.
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    Re: Gibson F5G nut width?

    I bought a Custom F5G from a third party. When I contacted the Mandolin Store about it, they confirmed everything including the original owner it was built for. It has the radius board, wide nut, (1...
  6. Re: Need help valuing a Gibson, two Adams and a Morgan Monroe

    Right now, I am unable to get $1200.00 Adams number 72 which is about a year old and was set up in July. Not much resale there.
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    Re: Hiscox cases

    Not sure what anyone paid for there's. However around this time of year and other Holidays, Musician's Friend often seems Hiscox mandolin cases for 15-25% off. I got mine for around $175.00 shipped...
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    Re: Left-Handed Players

    Sports related. Saw an old interview with baseball player Mickey Mantle who hit both right and left handed. The only thing he did left-handed was hit. Absolutely nothing else. Everything else he did,...
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    Re: F-4 owned by Norman Blake

    Oh? That Steve.
  10. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    I was just looking. Auty Morrissey isn't in the builders data base. I'd thought he was. How would we go about getting him in there?
  11. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    Yes. It is 1 7/8" versus 1 11/16" for my F5G Custom. Here's an attached photo. It is even wider where the wings are located, if you take a close up look of that photo of the back. It is certainly...
  12. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    Well my Super Bat from Austin "Auty" Morrissey arrived a day early! Came well-packaged and insured. Mail lady had me sign for it. Gave it a little while to acclimate itself to the indoor temperature...
  13. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    A real beauty! Austin just shipped my Super Bat, "Tatiana" today. I should have it Tuesday. Report to follow.
  14. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Willkamm to Bill Kammerzell. Now you know why I shortened it to Kamm.
  15. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    I thought the same thing. Very artful. I've been in touch with him over the last couple of weeks while he finished the build and made the case. Sounds like he's been a woodworker much of his life....
  16. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey


    Here is something I saw of his on-line but I can't find any more pics of it. Wish I could. Pretty neat. ;)
  17. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    I don't think Auty has a web site or Facebook page. I believe he's a full time carpenter and woodworker and builds off work hours though he wants to eventually do this full time. I'm communicating...
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    Re: Unknown mandolin

    This one is mild as far as "bling" goes for some of the Ebay Vietnam mandolins I've seen.
  19. Re: Myrtle Beach Bluegrass Fest Nov 28-30

    Forecast for November 28th-30th in Myrtle Beach looks pretty good. Saturday the 30th high supposed to be 63....
  20. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    Well I pulled the trigger on the Bat Wing. The Adams will sell when it sells.

    Here's the BatWing. Saw it here and at Reverb. It's mine now. :grin:
  21. Re: Still searching mandolins by Austin Morrissey

    I'm hoping to add one of his a Batwings as soon as I sell a Johnny Adams.
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    Re: Marty Stuart's ex-Loar?

    I have my balance memorized at this point. It rarely fluctuates.
  23. Re: Disappointed with the Nashville music scene

    I believe the Ryman has a Bluegrass night every Thursday during the Summer.
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    KM-1050 has a radiused board and a 1 1/8 nut like the 950.
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    Re: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

    Jerusalem Ridge is in a minor key. Has kind of an eerie sound to it. Didn't Kenny write that for the fiddle?
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