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  1. Re: What upgrade for Hora/Thomman Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki

    My advice, for what it's worth (<2 or thereabout) is to get the instrument and try it for a while before investing in bridge/tuner upgrades. You may in fact decide that you want to improve the...
  2. Re: Old Milanese Mandolin 1890 c. project on eBay

    I've had excellent service from Bernie Lehmann here in Rochester, and he's done quite a few builds and restorations of baroque-era and out-of-the-mainstream stringed instruments.

    Might be worth an...
  3. Re: New Session King guitar-octave mandolin on the bench

    How can he play when his beds are burning?
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    Re: Bernunzio's Summer Sale - domras

    For Bernunzio fans: John's recovering from back surgery. His store's only open by appointment -- combination of pandemic and recovery from surgery -- and he's doing most business on-line or over the...
  5. Re: Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    Odd little story, only tangentially involving Charlie Daniels: maybe 10-15 years ago, my partner Bonnie and I were booked to play at the Buckwheat Festival in Penn Yan NY (named because that's where...
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    Re: antique banjo mandolin restoration

    The thin shell, and the low number of brackets, pretty much ID it as an entry-level instrument. Doesn't mean it can't be restored and play fine, just that its value is predominantly...
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    Re: Compulsive purchase- Flatiron 1N

    I believe an earlier post revealed that the thread was supposed to be called "Impulsive Purchase." I'm too lazy to go looking for the post.

    Agree. I retired 19.5 years ago. Since then I've...
  8. Re: All of My 2020 Festivals Have Been Cancelled

    Checked my spreadsheet calendar: 53 gigs canceled as of today. I have two pretty certain outdoor jobs for the rest of the year; all the others July-December are uncertain, may be canceled. And, of...
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    Re: Gibson trapdoor

    Mike, I think you're generally right, but I'm pretty sure some of the banjoists "lit up" their instruments during performances. My long-time musical partner Bob bought a '20's Gibson Grenada tenor...
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    Re: Another backroom find

    Hope none of the employees get mugged...
  11. Re: Mandolin batch in the latest Skinner auction, incl. THREE Shu

    This whole thread is sliding down the Schutt...
  12. Re: why are some chords for guitar not listed in chord books for

    Wow, there's a name I haven't heard in years...loved her when she was with Trapezoid, I believe.
  13. Re: looking for nylon string instrument 4 strings tuned in 5ths,

    I have a Gold Tone CEB-4 cello banjo. Marcy Marxer (she's a real sweetheart, by the way) model, tuned like a mandocello with nylon strings in 5ths, CGDA.

    Don't know if you'd want to go that low,...
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    Re: Help with upgrade, please

    Hey guys, "ham sandwich." Before suggesting umpty other models, let's address the OP's question: Eastman MD504 vs. Kentucky KM-272, OK?

    Both quality mandolins for the price. Eastman perhaps a...
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    Re: Another backroom find

    That's what bosses generally say, when they don't have to do the work themselves -- but can assign the "fun project" to some poor schlep who has to figure out how to do it.

    I can't bring myself to...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin Tips

    Even males with larger hands find some octave mandolin chords difficult; the wide separation of the frets makes it a much different instrument from the standard mandolin.

    As you work on chording,...
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    Somewhat altered and borrowed from Pete Seeger (last verse):

    I prefer the "eat a good breakfast," as Seeger sang, to "walk up the stairs." If you saw me in person, you'd realize how much I...
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    Re: Looking for exotic scales for Mandola

    Well, my shorthand approach for freygish, which is a Yiddish-ism for Phrygian, is to take a standard minor scale, and play in the "5" chord of that scale. Example: playing in the key of D, but using...
  19. Re: Flatiron Serial Number and Value? (Made in U.S.?)

    Some have termed the new imports "Flatasians" -- no ethnic disparagement intended, though.
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    Re: 5-String mandolin?

    It's a five-course, ten-string mandolin, often called a mandriola. These are not too uncommon, and I'm not surprised that it's German-made. In the US, Oscar Schmidt Co. in New Jersey made a fair...
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    Re: What is it? Cumbus? Banjolin?

    The slotted headstock and the wide resonator flanges strongly suggest European design; the "cloud" tailpiece could be European or American. I haven't seen US instruments without brackets to adjust...
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    Think this parody comes from Garrison Keillor:

    Come gather 'round people wherever you roam,
    It's time we were looking for a good nursing home,
    And accept it that soon you'll be living alone,...
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    Re: Dylan on bluegrass in the New York Times

    Sure has "been done":
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    Re: Suddenly feeling old

    Today I'm younger than I'll ever be again. And I surpassed my "personal best" for consecutive days lived!

    Interviewer to Woody Allen: "Mr. Allen, would you like to achieve immortality through...
  25. Re: APM cancels Live From Here amid other layoffs and cuts

    So are live radio music/variety broadcasts going the way of the woolly mammoth? They depend on live audiences, impossible to assemble in Pandemic-Land, and underwriter funding, also very competitive...
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