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    Re: Where to start with Jazz Mandolin?

    I agree with all the points about listening, etc.

    As far as instructional resources go, my personal (take it FWIW) opinion is that the four best foundational books that will lead you into jazz on...
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    Merci Beaucoup!
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    For Cajun French lyrics with a translation, this website is an excellent source:

    Try the search bar on the link to pull up individual songs. Lots of...
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    Here is a link to the complete early recordings of Denus McGee:

    It’s an amazing album - the twin fiddle pieces...
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    Re: French Folk / Fiddle Tunes

    As a North American option, if you search for examples of the older, pre-accordian style of Cajun & Creole musicians in Louisiana, a lot of the songs and fiddle tunes came from France in their origin...
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    Re: Is my new mando trash?

    Make sure your tailpiece isn't touching/pressing down on the top of your mando. When that happens, it mutes the sound. You can loosen the strings and use a shoestring to pull/bend the metal upward...
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    Re: Playing slide mandolin

    I think you are in luck in terms of fretting the mandolin. Possibly some players use the thumb in certain instances to play chords, but as a general rule most players never use the thumb to fret...
  8. Re: Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin ki

    Thanks - it's good to know that it was not inconsistent with the way an accomplished mandolinist like Gilchrist approached this.

    I've been benefitting from the Amazing Slow Downer app - slowing...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Sorry man, chicks dig the banjo. Or at keast, that's what I told my kids when I went through a phase of playing my dad's songs on the banjo (had to be banjo because he wrote them on the banjo). And...
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    Re: And just like that...

    Niles, that all makes sense to me. What gauges would you recommend for strings on a 19-inch scale?
  11. Re: Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin ki

    Here is a pdf with tablature formatting that is easier to follow.
  12. Retranscription of Walls of Time - Ricky Skaggs's mandolin kickof

    I've been obssessing a bit of Ricky Skaggs's intro to Walls of Time from his Ancient Tones album. The thing that always got me about this break is the mysterious sliding / droning sound. When I...
  13. Re: Help Finding Chris Thile Tab: Leading Off

    If you have Tabledit, there is a trancription based on Thile's arrangement on ...
  14. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Thanks - I wasn't sure which effects to focus on tweaking first. This is very helpful.
  15. Re: Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Thanks for responding - my amp is a Pignose transistor amp. It might be a reissue but it is the same in size and appearance as the original Pignose.
  16. Emando settings for ancient Digitech RP 200

    Years ago, I bought a Digitech RP 200 multi FX pedal to try out with an electric violin. It sounded like caca with a piezo pick up. Later, I started using my iPhone for pedal effects after I bought...
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    Re: Mini Tele Conversion to Five-String

    I have a mini Les Paul with a 19 inch fretboard. I'm thinking about setting it up for CGDAE - or maybe pitched lower with a capo to bing it to CGDAE. I tried to do this with a high B string once...
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    Re: Funk Mandolin - "Kiss" by Prince

    That was just awesome! Could you post your chord fingerings? I want to learn this.
  19. Re: Proper form for playing B major shape chords on mandolin

    That 4-1-2-2 form is used a lot. If you move it up a half fret - that would be the standard C chop form. But the secret is that most people only sound the G D and A strings when playing this chord....
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    Re: C G D A tuned electric mandolin

    Interesting - no buzz or floppiness in the C string, notwithstanding the shorter length of the mando neck? Did you have to enlarge the nut slot to fit the C string? I might want to try this if I...
  21. Re: string height - huge difference after using depth guage

    Agree - it's a tough balance. The guitar is a lot more forgiving but the mandolin is compact, so small imbalances have a huge impact.
  22. string height - huge difference after using depth guage

    I'm on a "figure out cheap solutions" kick so please humor me.

    After getting my backup mando just right, I had my nice mando sitting in its case unused for a while. I would get a trace of...
  23. How I upgraded a cheapo mandolin with minimal modifications.

    This is an update (if I recall correctly) to a post I once made about buying a cheapo manolin.

    I made a random impulse purchase of a cheap ($299) "The Loar" F-5 at some point (over a year ago),...
  24. Re: Sierra Hull's Turkey In The Straw Theme and others...

    Thanks for sharing your transcriptions - that was a nice thing to do. We are all all looking for constructive ways to redeem the time under social distancing restrictions, and learning new breaks...
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    Re: Cleaning Mold From Inside a Guitar?

    This is from a Hurricane Harvey flood victim who restored a flooded house and eradicated the spread of mold: try concobrium. It is a nontoxic salt that kills mold and prevents it from replicating.
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