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    Re: Jam etiquette

    “If you are sighted, Thou shalt watch the singer or tune initiator for visual cues and follow them as best as you can.” I know some very capable musicians who simply can’t shout out instructions...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    What’s the difference between a ukelele and a mandolin?

    A ukelele is a small fretted instrument which thousands of people enjoy playing.

    A mandolin is a small fretted instrument which thousands...
  3. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    Hi Zak. Looking at your music choices and disinterest in volume, you are a pure Celtic music dude. (Canadien comme moi?) Thus I would say, not only are you a candidate for an oval soundhole,...
  4. Willie’s Diamond Joe—on tenor banjo

    CBOM content...I got this Ludwig Kingston tenor banjo in Halifax last year. Holy cow is it ever loud, Especially compared to my previous one. Anyway an old friend who now lives in Western Australia...
  5. Re: The Entertainer - Solo Mandolin Arrangement [Tab]

    Very impressive harmonies...I really had to double-check and look at your notation before I believed it was really a solo mandolin. So that’s really good work.
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    Re: Ottawa Mandolin Club Starting Up

    One of these days...good stuff Barry.
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    Re: Seagull S8 Owners Thread

    I’ve had one for three years and still play it quite often. It’s my favourite for casual living room picking or learning a new tune on. I find the tone quite warm and it’s comfortable to play. I...
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    Re: Gretsch, Breedlove, or Other?

    I’ve found the current generation of Epiphones very underwhelming—whether fit and finish or sound, they just don’t have it. If you like mahogany bodies, note Eastman 400 series, 404 being the most...
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    Re: Nash The Slash documentary

    Thanks for that JH! We should get together for tunes sometime, I’m near Lanark. Bill.
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    Re: Pick ups ?

    Look into Schertler Dyn-M. They’re a bit pricey but they are a contact P/U that is not permanently attached to the instrument—so when MAS strikes, you just put it on your next true love! The sound...
  11. Re: Inexpensive Mandolin with longer scale length and wide nut wi

    I’m an Eastman 505 player; The feel and sound are quite different. I’d say the Crossovers are more resonant and less punchy, but generally comparable in quality to the Eastman 300 line. Some of them...
  12. Re: Inexpensive Mandolin with longer scale length and wide nut wi

    Look into the Breedlove Crossovers. They are designed for guitar players trying out mandolin who are more comfortable with a wider fingerboard. They can be found used starting at about $300 US.
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    Re: Ottawa Mandolin Club Starting Up

    I guess I missed this, but I’d be interested in getting together any old time during the half of the year when I’m in Ontario. Please put me on the list. I’ll PM my email. Thanks for taking the...
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    Re: How to inspect a used Eastman?

    Perpetual, if you’re interested, PM me with your approximate location for more Canada-specific suggestions, our purchasing/tryout environment is much different than that of our American friends.
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    Re: Mandolin Etiquette

    I always say there are no rules for mandolins, (other than the normal rules of universal musical etiquette), but there sure are rules for bluegrass, methinks. (Height of your hat, width of your...
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    Re: Mandolin (Violin?) Music Resources

    This isn’t quite what you asked for, but it might be part of what you are -looking- for.

    In Cape Breton a very flashy piano style has been developed alongside their fiddle tradition. The catch is...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Your wit and wisdom is much appreciated in this forum, Ivan. Here’s to you and your loved ones.
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    Re: How to inspect a used Eastman?

    It’s an Eastman so the build quality is good. It’s a 305 so it’s not that old. (The 300 line was started about 2011, at least that’s when they showed up in Canada).

    The only thing that’s a...
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    Re: Mandocaster?

    I bought one of the new Fenders about five years ago. Haven’t played it in two or three. The price was right, and it’s simple and sturdy and cute. I had a lot of fun trying effects and had some...
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    Re: A-style strap safety

    The thing is, if you attach the strap to the peghead (on pretty much any fretted instrument I’ve tried), you can change the pitch of the note by downward pressure on the body, like you have a Tele...
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    Re: Would it be a dumb move?

    I have a long history of unsatisfactory outcomes when I get fixated on wanting particular a feature or brand, for my next instrument. Even if it didn’t sound like an uneven deal to start with, the...
  22. Re: New mando. Still trying to adapt. Thoughts welcome.

    With respect, maybe you’re just getting ahead of yourself a bit. There might be subleties in tone that you’re not dialled in on yet. If you like the Thomastiks (flatwound?), try them on the new baby...
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    Re: Who played

    Rain, freezing rain, snow, ice pellets....we get every kind of weather anyone could ask for right here in Canada.
    I have two mandos out in the basement. Keepin the woodstove fired, foolin around...
  24. Re: Flatwound strings for acoustic mandolin w/ pickup?

    I’ve been using the EFW74’s for years, because I can play for a lot longer before my fingertips go numb, and the reduced string noise is good too. You need to buy in bulk because you need spares, you...
  25. Re: So... They seem to think I'm starving and homeless?

    Jeff, I must beg to differ on your all-caps “Uninvited” declaration. Many enlightened cities and towns have public spaces where busking and other informal commercial and artistic activities are...
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