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    Re: The Traveliní McCourys Win Grammy

    And to the Punch Brothers for winning the GRAMMY for Best Folk Album.
  2. Re: Article: ABBA Greatest Hits for Mandolin Tribute Released

    Great concept, but don't you think they should have used an up-to-date photo for the cover?

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    ISO standard for musical instruments

    For the luthiers in the audience, I saw a notice today that China has proposed a new set of ISO standards for musical instruments. I've attached the announcement from ISO, which details the...
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    Re: Mandolin topics for Elderly Instruments blog

    That's a great idea. Can't think of another string instrument that has such a range of sounds for different music genres. From the clean ringing string tone of classical mando to the snare drum...
  5. Re: Is the electric guitar dying, taking Gibson and others with i

    OK, the paper hasn't been recycled yet, so I read the article. Looking for the word I didn't see anywhere - RAP. Music free of melody. Wildly popular, successful, performed and loved. So people...
  6. Re: Is the electric guitar dying, taking Gibson and others with i

    I saw this article yesterday - the Post is my hometown newspaper, sort of - but didn't read it as I was heading off to play bluegrass under a tree with some other guys, unamplified. So you have a...
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    Re: Bluegrass Trivia Challenge

    Good detective work, though I'd be careful using this record's attributions as definitive. They also show that Bill Harrell wrote "Jimmy Brown the Newsboy," "Pretty Polly," "Flower Blooming in the...
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