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    Re: Not seeing embedded videos

    I can confirm you need to embed your videos differently than you currently are in order for them to work correctly. That works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't, and it doesn't on phones, but will...
  2. Re: Not able to view (Most!) videos in eg social groups on MC

    Can't offer any support for new Mac OS specific updates but can offer some troubleshooting ideas, tips. Since no URLs were provided can't assist with a specific video--videos often get posted and...
  3. Re: Has anyone ordered one of the Synergy Carbon Fiber mandolins?

    If the world was able to hand out nickels for every mandolin that was a few weeks late or every builder that didn't answer an inquiry, a lot of people would be wealthy. As stated in our posting...
  4. Re: Looking for Orchestration and Arrangement classes or worksho

    I'vemoved this to a different section where I think you'll have a greater chance of obtaining an answer.
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    Re: 10 Questions for Laura Weber Cash

    Noting the anniversary of this feature.
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    Reverb to start collecting tax IDs

    Information of note regarding Reverb just sent to their customers.

    Dear Reverber,

    We’re writing to let you know about a new IRS reporting requirement for 2022:

    Beginning January 1, 2022,...
  7. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    This is only about new pricing manufacturers are pushing out to retailers. Used markets and their related pricing, as others have observed, sort of create themselves.
  8. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Certainly some in the range you specify, but some more pricey models are up $600 and more.
  9. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Wow... helping some dealers edit their classifieds postings. Some of these increases are a bit beyond eye popping. Ouch.
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    Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    Noting today's 5th anniversary of the publication of this great book. A real must read by Walter Carter.
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    Re: The Andy Statman Interview

    Noting the anniversary of this interview.
  12. Re: Ellis Deluxe Mandolin #110 - scam sales on eBay and elsewhere

    And here it is again, clearly in violation of eBay's listing agreement by embedding instructions to contact them outside of eBay to complete the sale of the mandolin they don't have in their...
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    Noting the anniversary of this interview.

    Noting the anniversary of this interview.
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    Re: Strange codes in TablEdit Library

    Download it to your desktop first, then open it. It's a known bug far as I'm aware and been like that for a long time.
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    Re: Have I Been Scammed?

    Google is your friend. A simple search of the thread title would have been a clue.

    All of that information was taken from a current listing on eBay:
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    Re: Ome mandolins

    FYI, some incorrect information in that ad.

    Mike Kemnitzer contacted me and said he had no part in building that instrument, asked that his name be removed. Said he built tooling and prototypes...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Mandolin Cafe!

    Still here...
  18. Article: Peghead Nation and Mandolin Cafe to offer special subscr

    You can view the page at
  19. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Here's the post from David's Instagram account which I believe is actually controlled by his son Sam. You can visit Instagram to see the other posts. Membership not required to view.

  20. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Enough. No mood for putting up with thread derailing. From this point forward it would be a very good idea to not post further in this discussion.
  21. Re: Article: Looking Forward with Sarah Jarosz

    Noting the anniversary of this feature interview.
  22. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Just heard there is a security video of the theft. Interesting.
  23. Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Heads up... would appreciate folks sharing this sad news wherever they can, just sent us by David Grisman:

    Sorry to report a theft from AC Marriott Valet Parking in Portland, OR yesterday (playing...
  24. Re: Article: The Charlie Derrington Interview

    It's the anniversary of the fireplace poker incident!
  25. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    That one sold already.
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