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    Re: "Brain Flatulence" when playing

    The better a player I become the larger my mistakes sound to me. I still have to try , yes try, not to obsess mid song or tune over these blips. I even occasionally repeat one to see if anyone but a...
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    Re: 10-15 Minute Theory Practice

    Nice job ….. now get a free copy of Finale and do it in notation and TAB ….. C.M.'s Peghead course is a good one …. Play on! R/
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    Re: How much do you practice?

    Play daily much of what we do is muscle memory. If you have time for an hour do that. Less if you don't have that time still Play Daily! Fingers toughen up but hurting yourself in the process of...
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    Re: Microphone for recording at home?

    Gear gear gear ….. Yeah SM57's and 58's are great mics in the right application. Plugging one into a computer isn't the right application. As pointed out above you need an interface. Think about...
  5. Re: Learn to play multiple instruments at once?

    Well ... learn some music theory. How music hangs together, not just melodies. Then moving from one instrument to another will make sense on a different level. Learning to play a melody on different...
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    Re: Newbie needs equipment advice

    Take a look on the Reverb site at the Kentucky used A model mandolins. There are several there within your budget range. I would be "concerned" about a Michael Kelly mandolin. I have played a few...
  7. Re: D'Addario's new Chris Thile signature mandolin pick

    Sweetwater had a shipment in. I ordered two . They are a casein pick. No more no less. Good tone with very little pick noise and slightly more difficult to hang on to than a B.C. One of my many bad...
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    Well .… grip factor. noise factor, wear ability, cost, shape ….. I use B C picks these days, natural shell was given up in favor of the tortoise population. Swim on friends. CT 55 and TAD 60 are what...
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    Re: Doubt about a banjo for Bluegrass

    Yeah.… Bill is correct. For any kind of 'grass a five string banjo is the ticket. The two main banjo starter books are
  10. Re: Once A Week Jethro Burns Mandolin Playing Discussion

    Central Time here Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evening would be best for me. I have always appreciated C.M.P. Burns music and comedy. I do hope this pans out. R/
  11. Re: Once A Week Jethro Burns Mandolin Playing Discussion

    OK with me... J."K" B. was the man with the chops. This may not be the best place to start this conversation. Maybe in Jazz under Music by genre. R/
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    Re: Mandolin strings

    The hunt for the right or even more elusive perfect string can be a long one. That depends on your technique and tonal preference. A standard set of .40-.11 will likely be fine unless you are playing...
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    2016 #746 Gilchrist Model 5 made to my order. I feel so lucky, blessed , undeserving to have this instrument. Picking it up and playing it is a gift over and over again. R/
  14. Re: Practice Schedules for Multi-Instrumentalists

    I play guitar , mandolin and fiddle. I learned them in that order. I have seven sets labeled Sunday- Saturday of a dozen or so tunes that I work at playing through. I attempt to play a set on each...
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    Re: Little Rock Getaway - Dave Peters

    Well done sir. R/
  16. Re: Another in a long line of stupid questions

    The thing about capos is this … using one versus having to use one … open strings for tone are an integral part of some music and playing styles ..... putting one on a mandolin neck or a 12 fret...
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    Re: Eva Scow - After You've Gone

    After I watched this I came within an inch of buying a Godin 8. That TONE < Sigh ……. MAS … it never goes away..... nothing better than what I play …. but different …. yeah there is that... R/
  18. Re: Learn how to play "Salt Spring" (John Reischman) - video / ta

    J.R. has the ability to write a memorable melody that is both simple and extendable with a beauty all their own. This is a good one. My favorite is the Itzbin Reel. R/
  19. Re: Tag at the end of lines in Mansion for me

    Well …. not being facetious ... slowly one bit at a time, pay attention to the tone to help indicate pick direction. R/
  20. Re: Does anyone make Monel strings packaged separately?

    Try Curt Mangan They manufacture a Monel string in two gauge sets and they package the strings in separate paper envelops. R/
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    Re: On The Road Again-chord melody

    As always Thanks Aaron... R/
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    Re: How to build a solo?

    Well .…. CarlM gives good advice. Let me add …. A break / solo needs a kick off then some melody modified in a recognizable manner, always make the chord changes with a chord tone or double stop kind...
  23. Re: East Tennessee Blues by Joe K. Walsh & Aaron Weinstein

    Yeah folks that's music...… R/
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    Re: "Playability"

    Look into an Eastman 505 A or a Kentucky Artist A model. Either is within your projected budget. Either is available through The Mandolin Store. As stated above Dennis Vance sets his instruments up...
  25. Re: Any recommendations for online lessons on picking techniques?

    Yeah …. Artist Works as John writes is a good investment in learning. Another direction you can take is live teacher lessons through SKYPE or another live view program. A live lesson teacher can...
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