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    Re: Florian Klaus Rumpf Kickstarter

    I kicked ... nay, jumped ... in on the first day. Great to see others supporting an important voice in contemporary mandolin composition, performance, and pedagogy.
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    Re: Books About Mandolins

    Pictures being worth a thousand bibliographic words ...




  3. Re: Mandolin Identification Gibson A Oval Hole

    Look for the FON (factory order number) on the neck block as in this image:

  4. Re: Article: Stauffer Center for Strings of Cremona, Italy Offers

    Oh! To be young again, and gifted!
  5. Re: Gibson MB-4 Trapdoor Banjo mandolin info request

    Thanks, once again, for all the info and suggestions. To put a close on this, I just want to report that I picked up the MB-4 from my luthier yesterday. The instrument is as described by William...
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    Re: Hello from France !

    Did Montaigne play mandolin? If he did, his advice would go something like: "Don't let the notes get in the way of playing the music ... " Thanks for the Italian treat. I hope we'll be graced with...
  7. Re: Mandolin, mandola and guitar trio sheet music

    The lack of response to this request might be a good indication that this is not a common trio. I searched the proper subject heading at the Library of Congress (Plucked instrument trios (Guitar,...
  8. Re: Where can I find arrangements of Dowland for mandolin?

    Thanks, JeffD. These are now in my abebooks cart! I hope "shows consistent use" doesn't mean "too much beer spilled on the pages."

  9. Re: Where can I find arrangements of Dowland for mandolin?

    Thanks, Jamie, for the the notice of the Brent/Sariel album. I've order the last copy(!) of the CD from Amazon. I'll contact Brent/Sariel for more information. Sariel was at the CMSA annual a...
  10. Where can I find arrangements of Dowland for mandolin?

    In the most recent CMSA's Mandolin Journal, Robert Margo has an article about David Braid which includes info about Mr. Braid's mandolin arrangement of Dowland's "Lachrimae". I've since obtained...
  11. Re: Vega bowlback Need images of these inlays to replicate!

    CFielder, if your Vega has as many ribs as the Reverb Vega you linked, then you probably have Style 2 .:


    My Vega is a style 2-- fewer ribs but same fingerboard inlays:

    196438 ...
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    Re: New TG Day -- Tieri

    Ben, My luthier couldn't tell if it was original. It is actually a bridge for six strings (the extra two holes are filled) which, with a couple other vague oddities, may mean that the body actually...
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    Re: Identify this wood?

    Thanks, Marty and J. Condino. Yeah, I guess that is it ... identified as Curly Mama Mahogany (whatever that is ... ) and not "The Tree" (unless I misunderstood) on the Ken Parker site. Parker...
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    Identify this wood?

    On my recently acquired Tieri tenor guitar:


    The description of this at reads: tiger striped back of some exotic wood (perhaps Peruvian Mahogany?)

    Anyone have a...
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    New TG Day -- Tieri

    What goes around ... this TG is the same as linked by mrmando in a 2014 post: and which Lowell Levinger has in his "Tieri Museum Page".

    196386 ...
  16. Re: Gibson MB-4 Trapdoor Banjo mandolin info request

    Today, I took the MB-4 to my luthier, Marc Glickman. Indeed, there were more issues than heavy strings that need attention:

    -- The skin is calf, not plastic as it seemed to uninitiated me, and...
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    Re: The Ernst: 1920's attempt at more volume

    Might be a silly question, but, why the quest for volume in the 1920s? Larger audiences produced by fewer infant deaths and more leisure time? Just curious ...
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    Re: gartini de lugini 1906 flatback

    Looking closely at the bridge under the bone saddle, it appears as though there were earlier 3 strings per course. Is this an illusion? Or is there another explanation? Shadows?
  19. Re: Gibson MB-4 Trapdoor Banjo mandolin info request

    Thanks, everyone, for your, as always, sage advice. I will go with the light tenor banjo strings per Pops1's recommendation. I can only agree with allenhopkins that there is a place for this; I...
  20. Re: please help identify my Grandmother's mandolin

    You should probably post this in the Forum "Looking for Information about mandolins"
  21. Gibson MB-4 Trapdoor Banjo mandolin info request

    So I've gotten a bug to play this MB-4 which I purchased some years ago but have never really cottoned to. I've never played an actual banjo. So I'm at sea.


    The FON stamped inside the...
  22. Re: Stringing a 1910's Gibson non-truss rod mandocello

    Hearth_man, My bad! Don't know what I was thinking (or if I was thinking). The cello is tuned C-G-D-A.

    I like your characterization of the Vega cello sound. I have a Weber Yellowstone by way...
  23. Re: Stringing a 1910's Gibson non-truss rod mandocello

    I have a 1913 Vega cylinder back mandocello ... 402 I suppose because it has a mahogany back ... which came with unidentified but very heavy strings. I took it to my luthier to lower the action...
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    Re: NE Virginia/D.C. area repair

    Just want to second Mark's recommendation of Marc Glickman. He's worked on most of my mandos over time, everything from an 1890 Vinaccia to 1980 Pecoraro. He does great work and I feel fortunate to...
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    Re: Vega mando type model publication?

    Thanks to rcc56! I, too ordered a copy of the catalog from Bernunzio's and was sorry to hear that mine was the last copy they had. I am very grateful to have this as it will be solid documentation...
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