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    Flight of the bumblebee

    I'm still working on improving speed and dexterity... So on new years, I thought I'd start learning flight of the bumblebee... Its a great time for speed and dexterity. Anyways, the link is below.
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    Charlie Brown Christmas medley

    Almost forgot to do a cheesy Christmas song! Luckily my wife has been playing Charlie Brown Christmas music all week lol so I did a medley. I posted the link below.
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    How to play mandolin faster

    I've been working on building speed for a little bit and I thought I would share some of the things that worked well for me. The li,k to the vid is below and you can find tabs and a bonus vid on my...
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    D'addario String Comparison Video

    Well... it was time to change the strings on my new Collings MF5... I feel like one of the most exhausting things about a new instrument is finding out which strings pair well with it... anyways, I...
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    Angel's Waltz (Tab available)

    This is one of my favorite mandolin waltzes :-) I've been working on it on and off for a little while... I think it's come along well.
  6. St. Anne's Reel -2019 National Mandolin Champion

    This was the first tune I played in the prelim round at Winfield this year. There were a lot of incredible players this year but I was fortunate enough to take top place
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    Re: National Mandolin Champion 2019 !

    Hey everyone! thanks for all of the positive words! It's crazy to think that people are talking about me on here. Anyways, my daughter is doing much better. If you want to know the full story, there...
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    Wagon Wheel Lesson

    This tune came in as a special request on my channel and I thought it might help somebody on here! Let me know what you think :-)
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    How to Play Brilliancy

    Hey guys! I love this tune and figured it out the other week. Hopefully this can help somebody else learn it too!
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    Red Apple Rag Mandolin Lesson

    I've been really into this tune lately and you don't hear as many people playing it so I though I'd try to spread it around :-)
  11. One Man Bluegrass Band Playing Rebecca :-)

    Hey guys! Hope you like
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    Turkey In The Straw

    Hey guys! Let me know what you think. This was a pretty good amount of work for a three minute video :-)
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    New Instrumental

    Hey guys. Here's a new instrumental of mine. I'm playing with my band from ETSU's bluegrass program. Let me know what you think!
  14. McReynolds Style Crosspicking lesson (I'll fly away)

    Good Luck!:grin:
  15. Crosspicking Lesson How to Play Will The Circle Be Unbroken

    Good Luck!
  16. How to Play the D Major Arpeggio on the Mandolin

    This lesson will show you how to work through the D Major arpeggio in one, two, and three octaves. Good luck!
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    G major arpeggio lesson

    Hey y'all! this video runs through the G arpeggio in one, two, and three octaves. Hope it helps.
  18. Pickin' Cherokee Shuffle w.the great Adam Steffey :-)

    Be sure to check out his new album w.the boxcars!
  19. How to get more out of your mandolin tone!

    Hopefully this video helps somebody :-)
  20. How to play every major chord on the mandolin (Beginner Lesson)

    This might be a little redundant for the more advanced players but I think it's a really useful lesson for some of the beginner or intermediate players. I wish somebody would have explained this to...
  21. Gold Rush (Eddie Blevins #22 Mandolin Demo)

    Hey everybody! I got to do some sound clips of a great local builder from Blountville, Tn named Eddie Blevins. These are some really great mandolins. I was really honored to be asked to demo some of...
  22. Blackberry Blossom played by a one man bluegrass band

    I certainly play some instruments better than others but I think it turned out okay!
  23. wayfaring stranger played by a one man bluegrass band

    Hope you like it!
  24. Whiskey Before Breakfast Played By a One Man Bluegrass Band

    Hey Guys! Here's my latest video. I think this is my best one. It's Whiskey Before Breakfast. Let me know what you think!
  25. Soldier's Joy Played By a One Man Bluegrass Band

    I hope you like it! :grin:
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