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  1. Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival - Sept. 19 - 21: Preview


    Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival will celebrate its 20th Anniversary this year at the Dumplin Valley Farm RV Park in Kodak, TN. This year's lineup, featuring the Lonesome River Band,...
  2. No Depression Column: How to Grow a Band

    How to Build a Band" is the topic of my monthly column "Bluegrass Rambles" in No Depression. I take a look at several routes towards building and improving bands' personnel with video examples. Take...
  3. Column: Darin & Brooke Aldridge on the Rise

    My monthly column in No Depression profiles the Darin & Brooke Aldridge Band as it has risen to new heights while telling a story about two people whose love for each other and faith have brought...
  4. Darin & Brooke Aldridge sign with Rounder Records

    Darin & Brooke Aldridge have signed a recording deal with Rounder Records. They expect to release a new album sometime in 2019. This represents a significant recognition for the achievements of this...
  5. Bill Monroe by Tom Ewing - Book Review


    My review of Tom Ewing's new biography of Bill Monroe is now up on my blog. This comprehensive and well-documented work will stand as the definitive work on Bill Monroe as it combines...
  6. Re: Best Bluegrass Band in New Hampshire/Vermont?

    Depends on your budget, but both The Lonely Heartstring Band and Mile Twelve are excellent. May be budget breakers, but your guests will love them both. - Ted
  7. Epilogue: A Tribute to John Duffey - CD Review

    I've posted my review of Akira Otsuka's masterful curation and production of John Duffey music performed by fifty-three contemporary bluegrass musicians. It's a tour-de-force belonging in every...
  8. Re: Column: What Does It Take to Grow a Genre?

    Wow! Thanks so much for all you've written. I appreciate your effort and your commitment to keeping bluegrass on a growth path. Thanks. - Ted
  9. Column: What Happens When Boundaries Bend?

    My column in No Depression this week looks at how individual musicians' personal growth affects the music they make as they explore the limits of their talent. I use Bela Fleck and Tim O'Brien as...
  10. Re: Column: What Does It Take to Grow a Genre?

    Dudley Connell told me an interesting story about two concerts in the D.C. area which occurred fairly recently. At one, Jim Morrison refused to play any of his hits, playing only songs from his...
  11. Re: Column: What Does It Take to Grow a Genre?

    Sadly, as mostly a pretty marginal genre, most bluegrass artists cannot afford professional management, and many so-called managers don't manage very much. That leaves the water-carrying up to the...
  12. Blog: David Davis & the Warrior River Boys - Didn't He Ramble

    I've posted my review of David Davis & the Warrior River Boys new CD Didn't He Ramble: Songs of Charlie Poole. Just released on Rounder Records, this CD marries the pre-bluegrass music of early banjo...
  13. Column: What Does It Take to Grow a Genre?

    This week my column in No Depression looks at qualities it takes to advance and last in bluegrass music while having significant impact. I use Dailey & Vincent, Special Consensus, and Sierra Hull as...
  14. Column: Summer is Bluegrass Season in New England

    Our friends in the South, where we've spent a good deal of time for many years, frequently ask me, "Do ya'll have bluegrass up there?" meaning New England, where we've lived for the past decade or...
  15. Re: Column: When Great Musicianship Isn't Enough

    Thanks, again, for your always helpful input. I remember some years ago having a conversation with Andrea Roberts, booking agent for several bands and wife of mandolinist Danny Roberts, about how...
  16. Re: Column: When Great Musicianship Isn't Enough

    Lots to unpack here, but let me give you my "take" on Monroe's choice of dress. I've always thought that his wearing jodphurs and the kinds of hats he wore hearkened back to the plantation overseer...
  17. Re: Column: When Great Musicianship Isn't Enough

    Greg Cahill has had some of the finest musicians in his bands over the years that I have ever seen. Some have decided that the road does not call like they had hoped (listen to Justin Carbone’s song...
  18. Column: When Great Musicianship Isn't Enough

    My column this week in No Depression examines the issue of band's finding ways to make themselves distinctive and to increase high entertainment material to their often fine musical performance. I...
  19. Re: Column: Beyonce's Message and What It Means for Bluegrass

    Coachella is a huge, mostly rock, festival in California. If you'll click on the link I placed in the first paragraph, I think you'll get pretty much all you need to know. Thanks for asking. = Ted
  20. Column: Beyonce's Message and What It Means for Bluegrass

    In my now bi-weekly column in No Depression I've written about the effect of Beyonce's acclaimed performances over the last two weeks at Coachella. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and to...
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    Column: Long Journey Home

    Irene and I have decided to sell our trailer and truck to embark on new ways, for us, to experience bluegrass and other music together as sell our trailer and truck while seeking safer and more...
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    Re: Column: When Bluegrass Goes Big

    As long as there are still plenty of the trad. bands around,i'm personally ok with the situation,as well as the fact that i must have a couple of 100 recordings of trad. Bluegrass to listen to if i...
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    Re: Column: When Bluegrass Goes Big

    I'll choose to take that question seriously. I write the way I write. I don't view my writing as scholarly, but I think there are both psychological, sociological, and cultural elements involved in...
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    Column: When Bluegrass Goes Big

    With spring on the way and Merlefest just around the corner, I thought I'd take a look at some of the big summer mixed music festivals that have received so much attention in recent years. I've...
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    Re: Column: Where is Bluegrass Headed?

    How much of that is because the songs that modern bands play are more complex, nuanced, and, yes, difficult to master. The songs played and sung around the jam usually come from a catalog of shared...
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