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  1. Re: Sierra Hull and Chris Smither Live show

    Sierra's set starts about 23 minutes in.
  2. Sierra Hull and Chris Smither Live show

    I have been a Chris Smither fan for a long time and when i came across this I was thrilled.
    Chris and Sierra play "Killing The Blues" together at the end.
  3. Thread: 1918 f4

    by Darryl Wolfe

    1918 f4

    Here are some photos of an F4 I got a few months back. Also included is a rare case I just got from a Café member

    I apologize for the orientation stuff, it's an iPhone. Maybe Scott will be nice...
  4. Re: Sweet Child of Mine (GNR) - featuring mandolin

    I am I fan of this version. Who know you could play Slash on both a Mando and Dobro?
  5. The Throne Room (A New Hope) - one man(dolin) quartet

    This was really fun to play. It was originally arranged for string quartet but it works really well on mandolins as well. I played the mandocello part on my mandola (GDAE) and down tuned it in post....
  6. Bach: Suite D-Dur (BWV 1007), Prelude

  7. Thread: 2019 Fantasma

    by kyken

    2019 Fantasma

    I've just finished a Fantasma from sinker wood. Thus the dark marks at the bottom. I think this is a monster of a mandolin.:mandosmiley:
  8. Thread: Pava Arrived

    by CBFrench

    Pava Arrived

    Well it came in this morning. So I've been playing it mostly all day on and off, mainly on. It took very little time to get use to the wide nut, I could definitely tell a difference at first...
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    Number 99 and 100

    I've hit a milestone for me, and I am completing instruments numbers 99 and 100. I wanted to do something very different on both of them. If nothing else, I achieved that. There are more photos of...
  10. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    or maybe this
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    Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Working with my contact at Collings and Waterloo and it looks like this is going to happen at some point in the near future.

    Who'd be interested in a giveaway of one of these very fine mandolins?...
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    Re: General Mandolin Discussion

    I noticed this in the Guidelines:

    "Discussions started with the specific purpose or that end up used specifically for the purpose of antagonizing or calling into question a moderator's control of...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Hey Gunnar, I'm admittedly not even really a banjo fan (generally speaking), but I found your song and your playing to be awesome! Good stuff, keep it up. And dare I even say, don't hesitate to post...
  14. Tune I played mando on was featured on The Bluegrass Situation

    Today The Bluegrass Situation featured a cut off of Ashley Sophia's upcoming album.

    She asked me to play mando on this cut, Adirondack Dreams. It was a really fun/great tune. Mostly rhythm. ...
  15. Thread: New Strap!

    by zakry3323

    New Strap!

    It didn't take very long before my shoestring strap broke... luckily I caught my instrument before it fell.

    I have quite a bit of 500lb paracord leftover from other projects, so I figured I'd...
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    The Mandolins and Beer Podcast

    Hey all! Hope y’all had a great weekend!

    I’ve got a podcast staring up this Wednesday August 7th. The first guest you may be familiar with......David Benedict! Great guy and great conversation!...
  17. Re: Stumbled across this great version of Cold Frosty Morning...

    Tim and Eric are phenomenal pickers. I took a mandolin workshop from Tim at Walker Creek Music Camp a few years ago. Drinking from a fire hose - he gave us so much great instruction, it was truly a...
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    Re: I play a little guitar...

    Perish the thought! An ukulele is a small guitar. A mandolin is what you get if a violin and a twelve string guitar had a baby :)):mandosmiley:
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    Happy Birthday Stan Jay

    Over the years I've bought a whole lot of musical instruments but my two main stage instruments, A Gibson F5G and a Taylor, I bought from Stan. I miss his humor and I miss that store. RIP.

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    Re: Hearing Horns in Solos?

    Monroe's band came about in the big band era. The mandolin bounces between being the snare drum and the clarinet.

    On a similar note, one night in a jam on stage at a local venue a lady was...
  21. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    Most small amps work and sound good for mandolin, but too small and it distorts too quickly. As was previously said 15-25 watts would be great and 6.5-8" speaker is perfect.
  22. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    Check out a polytone mini brute, it's what I use on mine and it screams. Bought it new in the early 1980's. They can be had on Ebay.
  23. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    Be sure to check out the Fender Blues Junior during your search.
  24. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    You don’t have more highs than an electric guitar, but you do have less low end, so a small cab is fine. (I like 6.5” woofers.)

    I played through a Quilter and was really impressed. It was a...
  25. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    There are a lot of nice, small tube amps out there, that have grown popular. Something in the 15-25 watt range will get the job done. They are voiced quite differently from one another, so the...
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