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    Re: Valuing a Gibson by Dr Lori

    Great observation. Letīs get the mind rambling... Chinese immigrants are able to play the mandolin whereas african immigrants have the banjo reserved for themselves... the spanish have the guitar and...
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    Re: Finally, a use for a banjo

    I thought it was okay to arrest the guy for harming a banjo by banging it on a metal statue.

    Of course I do not condone violence and vandalism. But I found this thought more apropriate than taking...
  3. Big Family (and other movies); availability in other countries

    So documentaries like Big Family air in the US ( So far, so good. With the internet I would have thought, that an availability of...
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    Re: Need some advice.

    Itīs all about how the music is put together. So a mandolin might fit in a rock band. But if the musicians do not know what they are doing even an all bluegrass cast suck at playing "Will The Circle...
  5. Re: 1976 Gehrardt Green F5 Pictures

    For whatever reason the other thread got closed. I think that the mandolin and its builder deserves recognition. So hereīs my amended post from the other thread.

    The mandolin was built in a period...
  6. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    Actually itīs not a "Gibson"-bashing thread. Itīs a thread about the questionable destruction of salvagable (reusable) materials.
  7. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    That makes it even more painful (and I donīt want to go political, even though we understand each other).
  8. Re: Played a Loar F5 for the first time and met Mike Compton

    You probably received an ear adjustment. After Playing a Lloyd Loar F-5 gor the first time my perception was never the same anymore.
  9. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    No, you donīt.

    @ Mike Edgerton: You have to remove the black from the writing. Itīs not the old "Gibson" that you must punish. (as I am very [!] much in favor of my Southerner Jumbo)

    I think...
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    Re: Vivitone Mandolin Registry

    Play it im memory of your wife.

    May your path be as beautiful as the sound that may come from the instrument that you have received.
  11. Re: Recommend some beginner Blues / Jazz Blues Lead Sheets

    Absolutely! Know your chords, know your melody.

    And while youīre at it find some room to be educated by Carol Keye:
  12. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Let me ad one thing. I have learned a lot from Gibson‘s true ambassadors on this forum. Foremost they are Big Joe, Charlie Derrington and Dave Harvey.

    Big Joe was allways the consumate gentleman,...
  13. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community


    The master of blah blah, Marc Agnesi... (if you watch his videos as an employer of Normanīs Rare Guitars).

    Though it might seem like venting: I donīt think that people like him...
  14. Re: Gibson Shipping Ledger - November 29, 1951

    Now thatīs a fun geek fact.

    So we may assume that this is the fabled repair entry that caused the longtime estrangement between BM and Gibson.

    As I remember it from my Bluegrass history...
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    Re: Tony Rice Article


    having read the "article", let me adress some points.

    I am as much a Tony Rice fan as the next man, so I have no issues with the article as such. But I am concerned about mixing fact...
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    Re: '25 Fern on eBay?

    When it comes to the question of differences between a ī39 D-28 and a ī43 D-28 i beg to differ. Thereīs the neck shape and size to take into consideration which can play a part in the sound. Also...
  17. Re: Norman Blake-Original Underground Music from the Mysterious S

    This is good to know. Many happy returns for him and Nancy.

    I have the record. I remember playing it for a friend of mine in my university dormitory room. She commented on the record that she sees...
  18. Re: My Grandfather's 1918 Vintage Gibson A-4 Mandolin & Original

    Do I see some top sinkage?

    It costs a healthy amount of money to perform invisibility-repairs on cracks like the ones pictured. In this case the cracks go through the soundhole marquetry, we donīt...
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    Re: Abandoned instruments???

    concerning posts # 4 and # 10

    Being a musician and a legal practitioner is not mutually exclusive. I know for a fact that there are some lawyers on board.

    But have you considered the fact that...
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    Re: R.I.P. Mac Wiseman

    Except for maybe Jesse McReynolds they are all second generation bluegrassers. Sonny started with Bill Monroe when Sonny was 14 (about 7 years after BM hired Earl Scruggs), the same age J.D.Crowe...
  21. Re: Luthier Paul Hostetter has passed away

    So true!

    Au revoir café habitué.
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    Re: Best chop around $1000

    Nobody should be allowed to answer to a thread like this one without referring to this great piece of information:
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    Re: NMD 1941 Strad-O-Lin

    Well, you are one of the connoisseurs. I have never encountered a person that - after playing my trusty, wonderful Strad-O-Lin - did not immediately recognize its extremely wonderful musical soul....
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    Re: I had to share this with you!!


    I really liked that TV-show you posted here some time back. Proceed!
  25. Re: The great guitar break that wasn't!

    First of all, its Peter Rowan.

    Then, you canīt see "the frustration and pain". It may be your perception but that is highly subjective.

    If you try to keep up with tempos like the Bluegrass...
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