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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    I would be careful not to concentrate on the c-f element to the extent that you don't take sufficient care with the parts that are not carbon fiber. I speak from experience of a builder who supplied...
  2. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    Alex Orr does a better job of summing it up than I ever could have. Thanks, Alex.
  3. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    Agreed. There is a lot of interesting content, but the premise it tries to build on is quite ridiculous.
  4. Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    Interesting article in a publication where a story about bluegrass might come up once every few decades.

    It strays into areas that will get the thread closed down very quickly if you insist on...
  5. Oliver Craven on Cy Winstanley's new video shot in Nashville

    I'm biased - Cy Winstanley, a New Zealander now living in Nashville, is the son of good friends of mine. As well as touring nationwide as the side man for rising stars of the country/Americana scene,...
  6. Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    True, Mary. But that's what happened twice.
  7. Re: How did you feel about your new build Mando?

    When my Dad passed away, I decided to put some of the money he left me into a one-off purchase (I knew I would never be able to buy more than one custom-made instrument). I ordered mine from a...
  8. Thread: two mocha

    by Ron McMillan

    Re: two mocha

    I enjoyed that a lot, except it was too short :)
  9. Re: Michael Cleveland Tommy Emmanuel. hold on to something

    Neither link worked. Almost certainly something to do with my location.
  10. Re: Michael Cleveland Tommy Emmanuel. hold on to something

    I'm told 'This video is not available'.
  11. Re: THE FEARLESS FLYERS /// Daddy, He Got a Cessna (feat. Chris T

    It's a seemingly bog-standard Eastwood, though there are a lot of fine accessories on the market to upgrade pick-ups, etc.
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    Re: Problems with my first mandolin

    It needs to go back to the store. I can't see that doing anything other than getting worse.
  13. Re: Jacobson Nautilus Mandolin #39 - Ziricote and Birdseye

    It looks wonderful, and the sound clips are fantastic. Great work, Marty.

    Are you getting anywhere with your carbon fiber experiment?

  14. Re: The new Sorensen 2020 X-Series mandolins . . .

    Oh you are a terrible tease, Steve. More information on what makes this phase different, if you please.
  15. Thread: Primetone

    by Ron McMillan

    Re: Primetone

    The large, grippy Primetone triangles are my go-to choice. 1.4mm or 1.5mm - I have both and can't tell the difference between them.
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    Re: Article: Django in June

    Isaac and Aaron would be my dream duo for a mandolin workshop. Maybe I can persuade them to take their workshop on the road and include Chiang Mai, North Thailand, in their itinerary?
  17. Re: Really fun new Youtube series from Forrest O'Conner

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it. I also enjoyed trying to predict the top five. I thought Steve Ellis might be in there somewhere. The Apitius sounds fantastic and Forrest's...
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    Re: Lefties Who Play Righty?

    It's definitely true. Being a lefty who learned to play right-handed hasn't held back the world's greatest mandolinist (IMHO).
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    Re: My band's second video

    I enjoyed that, but couldn't help but notice the complete absence of chop chords or cowboy hats.

    It looked like you had fun making it, too - which is important, I reckon.
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Like everyone else, I'm really sorry and saddened to hear this, Ivan. Best of luck with the chemo.

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    Re: Carbon fiber mandolins

    I think Marty is onto something, and having watched his work from afar for a few years, I think he could break new ground and make a success of his new direction. I have a carbon fiber A4 which was...
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    Re: Mandocaster?

    I had one, though not a Fender. I spent quite a lot of money on upgrades from Almuse, and the results were very pleasing, though not pleasing enough to make me play it very much, so I sold it.
  23. Re: East Tennessee Blues, on my Brazilian Giannini mandolin

    Great concentration, nice sound. Well done.
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    Re: A few new Mowrys

    Nothing shameless about this. Wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: New duo mandolin album

    That was wonderful. Please be sure to share any other videos.
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