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    Re: SIMPLE Editing Software for PC

    I agree that this is an incredibly useful (and free) app. It is poorly named. I use it to create MP4 files (an audio and video file) which load directly and easily to YouTube. It also has the...
  2. Re: How do I put 2 recordings from Windows Media Player to YouTub

    You do not need to download or purchase software to make a video if you have Windows 10. It has an existing program which is poorly named "Photos." I do not have movie making software. But I can...
  3. Re: Whiskey Before Breakfast - Interesting Approaches?

    Joe Walsh and Lincoln Meyers.
  4. Re: Whiskey Before Breakfast - Interesting Approaches?

    This might be the opposite of a "wild version." :) It is my favorite version....
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    Re: New to OM--where do I start?

    The first tune I learned on the octave mandolin was "Cherokee Shuffle." Molly Tuttle was demonstrating a Nugget octave mandolin at Carter's and the video gives a good view of her left hand. But she...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin (GDAE) vs Mandola (CGDA)

    I will second what Zach said. I bought a Red Valley octave mandolin a little over a year ago. It has been a great instrument. I bought it from a forum sponsor, Gryphon Stringed Instruments, and...
  7. Re: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals...

    It seems we will be safe from the "Ethylene glycol (ingested)" as long as we do not eat the instrument.

    Almost everything I buy from sporting good stores have a similar warning tag. I once...
  8. Re: Gold Tone OMS Bronze Wound Strings on a Trinity OM TM-325

    I'm sure someone with more experience will come along and answer this. I have only had an octave mandolin since October of last year. But my understanding is that the tension of the strings might...
  9. Re: Gold Tone OMS Bronze Wound Strings on a Trinity OM TM-325

    I am a guitar player and for whatever strange reason decided to buy an octave mandolin a little over a year ago. So take my comments with a huge grain of salt. My octave is 21" scale. I tried the...
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    Re: Strap for A-style (that old chestnut)

    Here is a Bill Bailey strap on my Red Valley octave mandolin. It attaches easily to the headstock and is immensely comfortable. I liked it so much I got another for my regular A-style mandolin and...
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