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    Re: New player looking for instruction

    I've only heard good things about Peg Head Nation. They have different courses for different styles also.
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    Re: Charmed life picks

    It's a toss up for me between Charmed Life (I have a blue and a flame) and BlueChips. I've been tending to choose the Charmed Life more frequent for both the guitar and mandolin.

    The guy that...
  3. Thread: Live From Home

    by Tenzin

    Re: Live From Home

    I really enjoyed Elvis Costello.
    It's always nice to hear (almost) anyone speak intelligently and kindly.
  4. Re: Anyone have experiencee with a zipper repair kit?

    It actually came off.
  5. Anyone have experiencee with a zipper repair kit?

    I have a case that I believe once came with an Eastman that is similar to the one in this picture.

    The zippers for the accessories broke (not the one that holds the top closed, securing...
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    Re: Chris Thile's Loars

    Who thinks he's just a show off the way he just hits the strings and frets perfectly?

    Obviously there was talent he was born with, but he just plays and plays and studies. I'm sure the only...
  7. Thread: The Kentucky

    by Tenzin

    Re: The Kentucky

    I bought a 'shop worn' (I couldn't see a single mark on it) that I was told would need a new saddle 'eventually' (it was tilted ever so slightly), so it was priced reasonably deducting for a simple...
  8. Thread: Cracked Bridge

    by Tenzin

    Re: Cracked Bridge

    If you're interested in upgrading, and putting a bit of money, I'd recommend you speak with Bruce Weber at . I have a Kentucky that came with a rosewood bridge &...
  9. The listing in our classified for "Trad. Bridge By MT Luthie"

    I just felt the need to comment if anyone is in need of upgrading to a new bridge. Our classified section has a listing for "Traditional Bridge By MT Lutherie" from
  10. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art insturement exhibit

    I came across this article about the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit of famous musical instruments and thought some might be interested.
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    Best way to secure end pin?

    While putting on my strap, the endpin came out and was eaten by my couch. I've ordered a new one from StewMac but I was wondering, besides hand pressure, is there a better way to secure the endpin?...
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    Re: How to remove Eastman tailpiece cover...

    Looking at photos of it, the mandolin appears to have a tailpiece that slides off. It is probably pretty tight. I've used a quarter and held it at a right-angle and used it to help push the top part...
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    Re: What pick for what style?

    I have used BlueChips (TAD 40's) a lot for guitar & mandolin but recently have been using a Charmed Life ntr-1.15. I find that the Charmed Life Pics hold their own against BlueChips. I was dropped on...
  14. Re: Kentucky E strings suddenly not able to play B hitting fret a

    The problem (as I see it) is Guitar 'techs' that are too foolish, or careless with someone else's equipment, to have a little bit of fear. I have the big 3 guitar store chains within 15 miles and a...
  15. Re: Kentucky E strings suddenly not able to play B hitting fret a

    Thanks to everyone. I was able to raise the bridge after measuring and removing the string tension. I knew what I needed to do. I've just never really worked on a mandolin other than changing the...
  16. Re: Kentucky E strings suddenly not able to play B hitting fret a

    I have no intention of fooling with the truss rod. I know enough about truss rods in guitars not to use that as a first thing to try.
  17. Re: Kentucky E strings suddenly not able to play B hitting fret a

    I have Bob's book. I'll take a look at the youtube video. What should the measurement be? (I know this will be a range.)
  18. Kentucky E strings suddenly not able to play B hitting fret above

    Thanks for looking at this. I purchased a Kentucky oval KM272 from a reputable shop and it was set up (as far as I can tell) well. (Perhaps the action was a little low, but I could still fret each...
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    Re: Went to my first Blue Grass jam

    It's hard for me to think that this I started this thread in the middle of October. Since then, I've played every single Tuesday (except Christmas and the week before that was my daughter's Winter...
  20. Re: Sam Bush Bluegrass Mandolin lessons - sheet music, chords, ta

    I apologize. I didn't realize the book was still available for sale. (I was foolish for not checking.) I'll remove the link now.
  21. Sam Bush Bluegrass Mandolin lessons - sheet music, chords, tabs

    I thought someone might be interested in this.

    <Copyrighted material. Sorry, we can't host a link to this as it violates the terms of the Mandolin Cafe's policy of not linking to copyrighted...
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    Re: Favorite Christmas/Winter Tunes on Mandolin

    I came across this and the few that I looked at were accurate.
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    Re: Ellis Archive - We need your help!

    Baron Collins-Hill ( plays a 2009 Ellis A5 Mandolin if I am not mistaken. I imagine he'd reply to any requests for any information-- he seem like quite an amiable guy.
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    Re: question about Gibson A mandolin

    One thing that needs to be considered is that a good setup is essential for a mandolin. Find out if there's anyplace near you and how much that will cost. (It's not extremely difficult or anything,...
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    Re: Looking for a first mandolin

    A proper setup on a mandolin is essential. Before taking a chance on a place like eBay, find out if there is a reputable place you can have it setup and how much it would cost. Just assume that you...
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