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  1. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    That is some mandolin Daryl. Congrats. When I saw it on ME website I knew it was special.
  2. Re: Can anyone recommend a builder to me?

    Another alternative: If what you really after is a traditional F4, have you considered getting an old F4, and then finding someone to put a new radiused fretboard and bridge on it? It may end up...
  3. Re: Duff A style mandolins, like to hear owner thoughts, some ?

    Congrats Daryl. I was about to ask if you ended up pulling the trigger on one. I've been watching those Duff on Carter's website myself and would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Re: Paypal

    And for those of us who normally buy high and sell low: maybe I can even deduct my losses? :)
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    Re: David Surette has passed.

    Very saddened to hear this. I thought he was doing better, and was actually hoping to join his online class once he got better. Always loved his playing, but never got a chance to meet him in person....
  6. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    I recently discovered TG4 and it's been life changing. They only upload short clips on youtube with links to their own webplayer, which is open to anyone in the world. In addition to Hup there is...
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    Re: RIP Nanci Griffith

    Hearing the news on the radio really stunned me. So young, and gone too soon. A friend from college introduced me to her while we were in school, and I went through all of her albums on a loop for a...
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    Re: Raising 12th fret, worth it?

    Not local in OH, but you may want to reach out to Bruce Weber in MT to get his input, and consider shipping your mando to him for a setup. I recently sent my mandolin to him, and he completely...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    I haven't really checked in much for the past couple years, and just saw this. Ivan is one of those members I recognize instantly, and I've always valued his input and knowledge on all things music,...
  10. Re: Nyberg Flattop Mandolin Build Thread

    Very nice Shaun. Can't wait to see the finished product. A friend had a Nyberg octave in the late 90s and I've wanted one since. Lawrence is the real deal.
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    Re: Sierra Hull tour

    Just got an email from the local venue that all events are cancelled through 5/10, which includes Sierra's show on 4/21. Super, super bummed. I was so looking forward to it.
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    Re: Andrew Marlin's Pick

    Interesting. When did Andrew start playing a Gibson? I am so out of the loop. I'm looking forward to seeing Mandolin Orange when they come to town next January.
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    Re: torrefied top MT in the house

    That's stunning. Congrats Daryl.
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    Re: Pava Mandolins

    I've had a lot of mandolins come and go, but I still miss Pava #52. It definitely prefer a 0.016 on the A, and I think that's what they are shipped with. I used a TAD60 on mine primarily as it seemed...
  15. Re: Joining the Girouard club - commissioned a build!

    I'm late to the party as I don't check in as often as I used to. Congrats on the new custom build Jill. If you are curious about an F-hole Girouard, you can check in with Sylvan in Santa Cruz and see...
  16. Re: Why is the Kentucky KM900 being discontinued?

    I remember they used to pop up in the classifieds for around $600 shipped back in the good old days. In fact I'd bought and sold a number of them. All good sounding mando, and great for the money....
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    Re: Pava

    #52 - the one I got from Daryl. It was the last one I kept, and my favorite. :(
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    Re: Pava

    Congrats Greg. The Pava is a wonderful mandolin and I know you will be blown away by it. I still miss mine. Like Mark above I couldn't believe I let mine go either.
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    Re: hats off to Pava Knesevic!

    Congrats. I had to let mine go earlier this year and boy do I miss it. It was also a Satin model.
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    Re: What if?

    Also chiming in to say that I would absolutely sell it in a heart beat, use the proceeds and invest in something, and when the amount doubles, I may begin to start considering getting a ... Gil :) I...
  21. Re: Got MAS? - Stay Away From The Classifieds; It's Rockin Right

    Well Daryl - how don't I trade you for your beautiful F9 and call it even..... :grin:

    On a separate note: This recent ad pops out at me more than usual: ...
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    Re: Silverangel Econo "A"

    I have been a fan of your writings and all your videos Donnie and your enthusiastic endorsement of Ken's work is in part one of the reason I decided to get one. I still think Ken's mandolins have a...
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    Re: Silverangel Econo "A"

    I also got one of the Econo models and have had it since October. I don't have anything bad to say about it, and I really like Ken as a builder and how smooth the whole process it. That said, there...
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    Re: Northfield Artist #30

    Just gorgeous and congrats. Hands down best headstock inlay I have ever seen.
  25. I just got the album from Amazon as well. Really...

    I just got the album from Amazon as well. Really great work Andrew. Nice recording and playing. Especially love the title track - is that an original by you?

    I'm really glad to hear that you are...
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