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  1. Re: Video of my band, The Manx's, first show with amps (folk-core

    Thanks! It's definitely fun getting to play our instruments together like this! We recently got a drummer and started making some slightly weirder songs:...
  2. Video of my band, The Manx's, first show with amps (folk-core/adv

    Hey, guys! I wanted to share a video of my band's first show using amps. I had an old tube camera from the '80s laying around, so we shot on that, and we used a Zoom H4N recorder. It didn't pick up...
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    Re: my "folk punk"/adventure band


    I just started playing this year so I could make music with these guys! I didn't really know anything about the mandolin beforehand, and never imagined wanting to play one, but I love it!...
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    my "folk punk"/adventure band

    Hey, mandolin friends!

    My band, The Manx, is a 4 piece/acoustic band consisting of mandolin, banjo, accordion, and double bass. We also all sing and shout together.

    We're finishing up a new EP...
  5. The Manx - EP (folk punk/adventure/sea shanty/shouty)

    You guys should check out my band, THE MANX! We're loud, fast, and all acoustic (mandolin, banjo, accordion, upright bass w/ plenty of cool melodies and shouting)!

    The Manx

    The Manx | Facebook...
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