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    Re: Double Standard

    Perhaps it is daunting for some folks to even ask a question much less learn the mechanics of searching the forum and finding the answers they seek. Then there are some folks who are just lazy. When...
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    Re: Weber Custom Vintage

    I think the vintage A on TMS had a major finish blemish but it seems to have sold quickly.
  3. Re: No Clifftop, play tunes anyway.... Grey Owl/Chinquapin Huntin

    Nice! Miss seeing the kids playing at Clfftarp, and hanging with old friends. Luckily some of our Clifftarp friends are coming to camp on the grounds here and play tunes this weekend. Much hotter...
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    Re: Robert Johnson (no mando)

    You guys might be interested in a new book Brother Robert by Annye Anderson, Robert's sister. Also the Conforth's book Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson. Johnson has become...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    At our house we really like the hybrid oval holes Bruce Weber made in the day. They have that old sound, with more frets and X bracing that lends a little more punch. They are out there and in good...
  6. Re: Have you EXP74 users switched to XT’s?

    I tried the XT's and switched to GHS A275. The XT's are too bright and the sound changed in a way I did not like.
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    I teach students the why to techniques and the how to learn. My grandfather said "Education is the process of learning how to learn." I've taught kids who just needed a nudge n the right direction...
  8. Re: Wayne’s World of Mandolin Channel?

    He came in and presented for our JAM program in Tryon, NC, he lives nearby in Boiling Springs, SC. His approach revealed a lot of good information although some of it went over the heads of the...
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    Re: Rogue mandolin has no braces

    Another great brand is Savannah. They are all plywood and too many poor kids learn on them, then graduate to something like a Kentucky or Eastman and think they have died and gone to heaven. If...
  10. Re: How important is having the original hardshell case?

    By the time my mandolins are truly vintage, I'll be dead so who cares.
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    Re: diminished value from a repair?

    If he fixes it and you can't tell, the repair will make it stronger than it originally was. So why tell anyone? Just keep it forever. I buy to play not as an investment, well as an investment in...
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    Re: the first 3 tunes you learned?

    Too many years ago to remember but I know they were fiddle tunes, as I played fiddle and guitar when I took up mandolin.
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    It all started with a Lyon and Healy Flatback about a half century ago. It had a cool butterfly pick guard below oval hole. There have been several over the years including Gibsons, Ibanez, Kentucky...
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    Re: Anybody know anything?

    Is knowing but forgetting still knowing?
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    Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    I have this book, it is good, but I'd rather play the mandolin than read about it.
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    I had a student in a class I taught last October that had two Collins and F and an A. The A had Thomastik stings on it and sounded far better than the F. She was a good player as well.
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    Re: Kentucky Waltz

    Nice, enjoyed it.
  18. Re: Replacing a Collings tailpiece with a James tailpiece

    String changes should be easy. Fighting with a tailpiece is ridiculous.
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    Re: Weber Bitterroot Cedar Top

    I've owned 2 cedar top mandolins. One Weber Coyote model which was a dandy mandolin and a Girouard A which was ok but lacked the response I was looking for. The sound is good but drier and not as...
  20. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    We have an Absaroka A oval hole that is a dandy. I bought a F hole once and it was a dud. Nothing would wake it up. Morris mandolins are the best bang for the buck under a grand unless you fall into...
  21. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    If buying a lifer banjo I would consider Ome, Seeder and perhaps Cedar Mountain. My lifer banjos were all built by makers who either have died or do not make banjos any longer. Each generation has...
  22. Re: Matt Miller Picks - New to the Pick Market - Great pick/price

    I liked the BC better.
  23. Re: Eastman MD314 F-Style Oval Hole Mandolin Discontinued?

    I had a 315 and sold it to a high school kid who plays jazz on it as well anything else he has a mind to. They are great instruments for the money the 314 ought to be killer.
  24. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    NIce job, good sounding mandolin.
  25. Re: What Happened to Brian's Huge Chord List?

    Why isn't the A played on the second fret of the 4th string for the D, Dm and D7 chords?
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