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    Re: Picked up a fiddle recently..

    I'd recommend finding a teacher instead of online info. There is a ton of useful info on violin/fiddle technique online, some of it aimed at absolute beginners. But when getting started, you really...
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    Re: If your gonna speed neck it....

    When I stripped the neck of my Lebeda I would have preferred more of a feathered transition. But with the nail-hard lacquer finish on this instrument, it just wasn't in the cards. Some finishes are...
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    Re: To A Higher Standard

    Well, "if the beat is good" is the whole point with a dance band. Or any music intended for dancing. A 6% fail in the melody notes might be tolerable, but if the band is nailing that last 6% in the...
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    Re: Opinion on nickel vs. gold aesthetics

    I've had fretted instruments with both hardware finishes, but the current three I play the most -- mandolin, octave mandolin, acoustic guitar -- all have gold hardware with black ebony tuner buttons....
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    Re: Hector the Hero

    The tune database at has several settings in D; you'll have to sort through and find the one you like:

    P.S. it's under the "waltz" category...
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    Re: The trouble with trebles (triplets)

    I use a slightly angled pick like Jill above. I don't change the angle just for trebles, I play all the notes with a slight angle (thumb down) to get a little more meat out of the tone with a...
  7. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I had 6 years of piano lessons as a kid, then played drums in garage Rock bands as a teenager. Then 30-odd years of acoustic and electric guitar. I discovered the mandolin around 11 years ago, and a...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    Right, and I'll add that if you're going to do a slow-gear start as an intentional effect, you need to be absolutely sure you can nail that final tempo without overshooting or undershooting. I'd...
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    Re: First few bars at slower tempo?

    I've heard some artists do this. mainly on solo recordings. The first few notes or the first bar starting a bit slower than the final tempo, and then ramping up by the second bar.

    Matt Molloy...
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    Re: Who has thin bluechips?

    I've used a TAD40-1R for several years now on mandolin, octave mandolin, and steel string acoustic guitar. No flex at all. I play Scottish, Irish, and related traditional music, and anything thicker...
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    Re: Brid Harper Jig Fingering

    The usual convention is to use the word "treble" to distinguish it as an ornament that's independent of the tune tempo, and not a "triplet" which would be written as part of the tune and played at...
  12. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    I agree it sounds more like Scottish/Cape Breton articulation than Irish. I don't hear any rolls or crans. What I hear are fingered cuts and what my fiddler S.O. would call a bowed "scratch triplet"...
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    Re: "Dark" Fiddle Tunes?

    Irish Traditional music is full of tunes that have a dark edge, and it can be enhanced by slowing the tune down and playing with feeling. Like the following two examples.

    Here's Martin Hayes...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    Unless it's a resonator type, a mandolin is usually the most volume-challenged instrument in the Irish and Scottish sessions I play in. So naturally I'm interested in volume. But I'm equally...
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    Re: Back in action

    Welcome back!

    BTW, I'd echo what Bertram Henze said about how the difference between WAV and MP3 is more on the user side, if you want more people to be able to access these recordings.

  16. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Probably true if your first instrument is learned later in life. If your first instrument was learned as a child, it may not seem that hard. I started piano lessons at age 6 and don't remember it...
  17. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    I can't remember exactly how the fingering differs (I once had a Gemeinhardt silver flute a long, long time ago and it didn't "stick"). Look online for fingering charts and that well tell you. There...
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    Re: Insomniacs? Asians?

    If "most users ever online" counts "guests" as well as members who are actually logged in, then it's possible many of those "guests" are not human, and instead might be search engines and other bots...
  19. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    If your goal is to end up playing a wooden (or Delrin) "Irish" flute, then I'd suggest starting on your Mom's silver flute instead of whistle.

    You won't have to make many adjustments if you get...
  20. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Classical ("silver") flutes in the Boehm design are played almost the same, I think there is one fingering difference.

    The technique with an "Irish" flute (i.e. a 19th Century conical bore...
  21. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Ah, okay so you're already playing within the genre, good. One alternative to pipes you might consider while saving up for a set, is "Irish" flute. It gets you into a similar range of expression with...
  22. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    The place to ask about that is in the Chiff & Fipple forum, in the sub-section on Uilleann Pipes. They'll be able to help you find a source. Also, be sure to read the sticky post in that sub-forum...
  23. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Go for it! You can make it more affordable by starting with a chanter, then adding drones later, and finally the regulators.

    As for the time needed... well, you can probably play scales on the...
  24. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Just my $0,02 opinion here, but that TALISK clip above sounds like phenomenal technique on concertina in search of a good melody to use it on. Very impressive, I just wasn't moved by the melody.
  25. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    The Uilleann pipes are a little more complex with the partial harmony regulators in a full set, and a technique of stopping the note. But both types of pipes involve a huge range of ornamentation...
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