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  1. Re: Beginner Seeking Advice - Guitar or Octave Mandolin?

    You might also consider a Ukulele, which is a good instrument to accompany yourself singing. I played Ukulele and sang with a few other ukulele players for about 6 years, before the desire for a...
  2. Thread: Chords

    by Smyrna5

    Re: Chords

    Doesn't work for everyone, I guess. I watched that vid a while ago. While I can play the dreaded G 4 finger chop chord, I can't ye do it quickly. For me, its easier to plant my first two fingers...
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    Re: Busking! who's gone and done it?

    About the closest I have ever come to busking was several years ago. For about 2-3 years, a friend and I used to jam on our ukuleles once a week behind a coffee shop in the old town square....
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    Re: Reading notation up the neck

    Excellent question, wormpicker. I have wondered the same thing for some time on the ukulele and guitar. I was classically trained on trumpet back in the 1960s in middle school. When reading standard...
  5. Re: Kentucky KM150 flat versus KM 250 radiused fretboard

    I am sure its mostly a matter of getting used to it, but my under $50 beginner mandolin has a flat fretboard and I can muddle along on it. I recently tried out an Eastman with a well set up radiused...
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    Re: Making a bad instrument sound good enough

    I've seen that too on my local CL. What was really weird on the one I bought from MF was that the price jumped around all week in the same EEBay listing, from $42.99 to $49.99.
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