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    Re: the first 3 tunes you learned?

    Guitar - Girl I Left Behind, Red Haired Boy, Liberty. That was about 25-30 years ago.
    Mandolin - Cowhide Boots, Appelbo, Storm.

    Originally learned Cowhide Boots from Chirps Smith a number of...
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    Re: jams with friends during covid

    Been doing a few band practices in a backyard. We're well spaced and masks are worn most of the time. Trying to be careful as 2 members are high risk and the rest of us have above average risk. Have...
  3. Re: All of My 2020 Festivals Have Been Cancelled

    Same here. Not even farmer's markets happening. Not sure what next year will bring. Like some others am glad I don't rely on it for a living. However, do miss out on the travel and playing with folks...
  4. Re: Matt Miller Picks - New to the Pick Market - Great pick/price

    Agree with other observations. It's good for the price, but scratchy. And no bevel. I need to make one and smooth it out. I like the very pointed tip. Gets a good response on my instruments. But IMO...
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    Re: 1901 Gibson?

    Interestingly enough, there was a "1918 A-1" with similar finish and bridge that was sold through Music Go Round in Woodbury, MN over the past weekend. I did not see the instrument in person and the...
  6. Re: Kalamazoo Mandolin Mystery--zippier sound hole binding

    Unfortunately I don't have photos of it, but do believe the first KM-11 I owned had that decoration. Bought it through Willie's American Guitars in St. Paul.

    Wonder if the purfling was left over...
  7. Re: Help with Martin Style 20 at GC Brooklyn

    Not necessarily. Within the last year purchased and returned a 1930's A-50. It ended up staying at the GC where I picked it up for about a week, then shipped to another local GC where it was...
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    Re: A little late but here is my NMD post

    Very nice. Really want to try one someday.
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    Re: Help with upgrade, please

    The Eastman is designed after the old Gibson oval holes. Right down to the shorter neck. It does have modern frets and a more modern sound. The Kentucky is more of a hybrid with the longer neck. I...
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    Another yes - due to protecting finish. Especially in summer. I sweat a ton, and have damaged the finish on many of my guitars over the years. Do I hear a difference? Not really. Do I like the looks?...
  11. Re: sanding/scratching picks for better grip

    Sometimes it seems my skin chemistry and some picks don't play well together. Even with holes and a light grip, Wegen picks still can slip around. Same with some of the Dunlop Tortex varieties. Less...
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    Re: Your Thoughts On D'Addario XT Strings

    Going to give an update. Still using these on my Flatiron. Have had a couple of physically distanced jams/practices with my main band. The fiddle player definitely likes the sound of this instrument...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    The journey has been in a couple of parts - about a decade ago dipped into some mandolins - at that time ended up owning (in no particular order)
    Kalamazoo KM-11
    Mid Missouri M-0
    Flatiron Pancake...
  14. Re: MAS: Remember, it's stronger than you and there ain't no vacc

    Congrats on everything! Always happy to hear these good stories. Although I am more than satisfied (right now) with my instruments, there is still a part of me that keeps whispering about getting an...
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    Re: Comfy in our new RV

    Congrats! Have a lot of friends who use campers. Both for festivals and just for travel. That's pretty dedicated. Would be very difficult for me to go down to one each guitar and mandolin. Okay, at...
  16. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    Late to the suggestions here, but another vote for Flatiron Performer A model. My 1989, purchased earlier this year, is now my main performance instrument. Replacing a beautiful Collings MT. Of...
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    Re: Live from Here is no more

    Finances of Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media. Multiple layoffs today. This was the only show announced that I could see.
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    Re: ABC Converter?

    Well, have been running into a ton of issues with most of the programs. Musescore 3 plug in doesn't work. Have figured out a cumbersome workaround (using the source Musescore uses to convert)....
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    Re: Dwight Lamb's Danish Tunes

    Have known Dwight for nearly 20 years. There was a Facebook celebration yesterday which I was fortunate enough to be included. He is a true national treasure and the book is a great resource.
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    ABC Converter?

    Does anyone know what happened to the ABC converter that used to be at Am now getting an "account suspended" message. Was my favorite because it allowed saving to pdf.

    If anyone...
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    Re: Why do you like the picks you like?

    Yup. My preferences change as my playing does. Right now, am very satisfied with Dunlop Primetone .96 or 1.0 standard shape. In fact, these have replaced the BC 35 I had been using. That said, every...
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    Re: Are People Buying Less Mandolins Now?

    I agree that the lower priced instruments (both new and used) are selling well now. Saw the same article about Sweetwater selling a lot of instruments. Of course, it may have been helped by many...
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    Re: Your Thoughts On D'Addario XT Strings

    Have had the custom mediums on my Flatiron for a couple months. Normally don't like the heavier strings, but it seems to work on this particular instrument. As they are coated, made sure all the...
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    Re: 1937 Gibson A1

    526 C 6 is the factory order number (FON). According to Spann's book, 526 C is a known batch of A-1 mandolins from 1937. The 6 at the end probably stands for the 6th instrument of the batch. That's a...
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    Finnish fiddle tune Kellarin kautta

    Here's my attempt at Kellarin kautta by Otto Hotaikainen. Mandolin is my 1935 Gibson A-50 with elevated fretboard. Probably still a bit fast for schottish tempo. Didn't seem that fast when playing...
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