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    Re: Buzzing at/near the bridge

    In translation for those who never adjust their own instruments:

    1. You could first try raising the bridge a little, if it's adjustable. (a) Measure the distance between the strings and the top of...
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    Re: Marketing and getting your name/brand out.

    Two things from looking at your website:

    1. There are no sound clips or videos on a quick scan. If I were thinking about buying, I'd want some idea about sound (even if a video clip is not that...
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    Re: Advice for a pre-professional luthier?

    Don't get seduced by a drum sander too early. I'm always yearning for one, but as a pure amateur I only build 4 or 5 instruments each year, mainly ukuleles. The process of thicknessing to under 2mm...
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    Re: 7th fret problem

    Something quick to try is to tune the instrument down a semitone and then see if the problem changes.

    If, for example, it moves from the 7th to the 8th fret then you know it's neither the fret nor...
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    Re: New Windsor banjo

    I have a Windsor Whirle Junior tenor banjo. This too is a low end model.

    It looked rather rough when purchased, but all it needed was a good clean and a new head. A very serviceable instrument,...
  6. Re: Couple of strings going out of tune regularly. Machine heads?

    One more possibility - too many windings of string round the tuner post. If your windings get close to overlapping previous windings, they can move around and change the tuning.

    Has this happened...
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    Re: A-String Buzz

    If you want to diagnose the problem yourself, you have to approach it systematically. The first step is to put the mandolin back into correct setup, and then start again from there. So the steps are...
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    Re: High action - is this fixable?

    I am, I suppose, a bit of a luthier (though not a good one!). From your description, the work it needs (and in this order, though you could swap 1 and 2) is:

    1. Adjust the truss rod as explained...
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    Re: baritone ukulele with guitar string

    As the scale length gets shorter, strings at the same tension feel much stiffer under the fingers.* So tuning 4 steps up might make the instrument very hard to play. Your baritone uke will be...
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    Re: Ukulele tuning

    Standard uke tuning is gCEA (the 4th string, nearest your nose, being high, i.e. re-entrant tuning). But aDF#B is also possible with the same string set.

    This means that gDGB can work, but to play...
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    Re: Metallic String Buzz

    If a wad of felt under the truss rod nut makes the buzz worse, that suggests (but STILL only a guess) that the problem might be that the truss rod is vibrating at or near the nut. If it were...
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    Re: Metallic String Buzz

    Given your symptoms, particularly the bridge slots. If the way the slots (maybe just one) are cut, or have worn, leaves a tiny gap under the string as it leaves the saddle, that can cause buzzing....
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    Re: Hardwood tops

    I make ukuleles, so most of them have had hardwood tops.

    If you're asking specifically about mandolins, I doubt there are many around with hardwood tops. Hardwoods tend to dampen out the higher...
  14. Re: So, I have to bend this tailpiece I bought?

    I've used a few tailpieces like that, though all for other instruments. But they were sold as mandolin tailpieces. They work fine.

    However, all mine had a bend much closer to 90 degrees. I think...
  15. Re: C Standard (Guitar) Tuning On Electric Tenor

    I don't think you'll get that low C on a tenor guitar, because the scale length is too short. Your bottom C would be too thick to intonate properly (tubby sound, wobbly notes).

    If C tuning works...
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    Re: See think play to auto feel play

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. When I started performing my playing fell apart, of course, but soon recovered and improved vastly. Learning to do an extra thing (performing, which is a whole new skill)...
  17. Re: Help me understand mortise and tenon neck joints

    Two reasons for bolts:

    1. Bolts can be used without glue. This makes later neck adjustment much easier.

    2. If a tenon is glued with Titebond, excess heat (e.g. left in a car on a sunny day)...
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    Re: Not this bad?

    Not unless you want a neck that is floppy! Or even snaps. The grain lines need to run along the length of the neck to make it strong enough.

    You could make a two-piece heel with the lower part...
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    Re: Pecan as tone wood?

    "Use less wood" is fine, but only up to a point. If you go too thin the instrument starts to sound more like a banjo than a uke (or dulcimer) - this is from the collective experience of builders...
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    Re: Pecan as tone wood?

    I'm from the UK, so pecan and hickory are exotic woods for me!

    But I've made quite a few ukuleles which traditionally have hardwood tops, and my experience (and the consensus of other builders) is...
  21. Re: Newbie Builder - Getting started - which books/tutorials

    If a detailed build log for a uke with pictures would help, here's one I did for a general woodworking forum a couple of years ago:
  22. Re: Newbie Builder - Getting started - which books/tutorials

    I wouldn't start with a mandolin, and here's why ...

    I taught myself to make ukuleles entirely from online resources. Immodestly, I make a pretty decent instrument (now). I've also made some tenor...
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    Re: Should I Try to Repair This?

    The neck has skewed to one side, and you can see how the top has twisted as a result. Something has come badly loose inside!

    Professional repair costs would be measured in several (maybe many)...
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    Re: break angle and string tension

    If you want to monitor changes in top deflection then you could take a piece of board and cut away enough of it so your mandola fits in the opening. Glue on a couple of sticks to touch the top either...
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    Re: G string buzz

    You say the buzz occurs when you fret the strings, so it can't be the nut causing the buzz. Though a high nut does make pushing them down harder of course.

    One possibility is your fretting...
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