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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Here are the other two recordings:

    Lily's Stars

    This gentle waltz was written by John in 2015, and is available from his website:

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    New Beethoven project coming soon

    A "teaser video" we picked up this morning (note FB videos, click the image to start the video). The notes along with the video state:

    In 1796, the young Beethoven went to Prague for the first...
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    Fernando Barroso: Bach on Bouzouki

    How about some Brandenburg #3 for a cold winter night:
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    John has recently posted an update on his compositions for mandolin ensemble and orchestras, which has reminded me about his more complex arrangements than the usual duets I have uploaded in this...
  5. Re: Bach BWV1007, an interesting experience with an unusual audie

    Toomas, I wanted to see some of the drawings of you from those artists. Did they show you them?

    Many years ago in New York City, my friends and I were asked to also pose playing our instruments...
  6. Re: Bach BWV1007, an interesting experience with an unusual audie

    Very nice, Toomas. :)

    I'd love to look around Estonia next time I'm there, get a better feel of everything that's around. I was there a couple of years ago for the revival of one of my operas in...
  7. Re: Bach BWV1007, an interesting experience with an unusual audie

    As a former art student and as a mandolin player, this seemed quite natural. I am sure everyone listened because there were few distractions aside from cell phones and a cold window.
    My best...
  8. Re: Baroque Lute music by Nicolaus Schmall von Lebendorf

    Songs "Kindlein" "Bergamesca" "Nachtanz III."
  9. Re: Vivaldi: Domine Deus, from "Gloria" (RV589)

    Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria (RV 589)
    II. Laudamus Te (Soprano I & II)

    Here is another movement from Vivaldi's Gloria, the "Laudamus Te". The piece is originally a vocal duet of two sopranos, which I...
  10. Vivaldi: Domine Deus, from "Gloria" (RV589)

    Antonio Vivaldi: Gloria (RV 589)
    VI. Domine Deus (soprano, oboe and basso)

    This is my instrumental recording of Vivaldi's Domine Deus, played as a duet of mandolin and octave mandolin (mandola),...
  11. Re: German romanticism or – Two voices, one mandolin

    Great job, Toomas! I enjoyed your videos. Great idea to play it on one mandolin. Nice and mellow sound!
    Have you ever tried to play guitar music on the mandolin? Many pieces for guitar can also be...
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    Chop Melody Style

    Hi Mando Pickers!

    If you're interested in the Chop Melody Style technique,
    have a look at my lesson on YouTube:

    I wish you all a wonderful...
  13. Thomas Tallis: Hear The Voice And Prayer (c. 1560)

    We don't very often live up to the "Medieval, Renaissance" part of this sub-forum, so here is a polyphonic tudor composition.

    Thomas Tallis (1505-1585): "Hear The Song And Prayer"

    This is a...
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    Re: 1911 recording

    Though Wikipedia describes Demetrius C. Dounis, the performer in this recording of Calace's Op. 45, no. 1 prelude, as a violinist and musician's doctor, Paul Sparks, in The Classical Mandolin, writes...
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    1911 recording

    Calace prelude, but not Calace performing
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    Re: Transforming Mazas Op36 No15

    Mazas? I thought that was a car, ha, ha.

    First my guilt for not doing more of these great etudes piles up like the snow in the video.
    Second, well done! Did you memorize the whole thing? Tell us...
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    Northfield Adam Steffey Workshop

    Just fantastic, if only I could play anywhere within a 100 miles of Adams artfulness and I want every Northfield he demo's.
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    Re: Bach: Suite D-Dur (BWV 1007), Prelude

    Very nice, Toomas. How did you get the cars and trucks to be in tune with your mandolin. :)
  19. Re: Developing techniques with Mazas: Etude Op.36 No.12

    Very nice and with fingers...I worked a little on Bach Cello Suite No.1 last night, at about measure 7 it dawned on me that I had greatly exceeded my musical knowledge.
  20. Re: Bach: Suite D-Dur (BWV 1007), Prelude

  21. J. S. Bach BWV1004 - Ciaccona Transcr. Eduardo Egüez

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