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    Re: TKL Vectra Cases

    Prucha CZ sells Schuster cases -- I have a couple for my banjos -- they are very well made
  2. Re: Kentucky KM-252 vs The Loar LM-170 Help, please!

    I had 2 mandos shipped from the US, a collings mt from TMS and a km950 from IA both arrived with way to much bow in the neck i guess due to atmospheric "play" --- freight, VAT and handling will...
  3. Re: Ever wondered where the Swiss Violin makers get their Tonewoo

    In a book about the Cremonese violinmakers it was told that they had wood"scouts" in the mountains listening to the harvested logs
    while they went down the rocky slopes and when the right log...
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    Re: Experience with an Adjustable Maple Bridge?

    I had maplebridges on (back)order from FQ for more than 6 months -- then cancelled
    However I build my own adjustable bridge(s) ( thumbwheels from StewMac and " waning moon bosnian maple ( sic)" from...
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