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    Re: Sold my Collings and got a Pava

    We are all different in size and shape, so how could there be an ideal neck profile? I recently acquired a Collings MF and even through I'd played many before, knew the shape felt good, there was the...
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    Re: Michael A Lewis Mandolins

    It is good to hear from you, Michael through we all wish the news was different. You have been in my thoughts lately, and that will continue. Take care of yourself, and all those around you.
  3. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    Gig tonight, and as the only soloist for our hour-and-a half set, I'll be bringing the EM-200 as an alternate tone to break up the mandotony. Songs range from 'Grass to Grunge, and obviously will...
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    Re: In praise of solid body mandolins.

    When the banjo player in the band switched to electric, there was no other road to take. We have moved on to the amplifier wars, and an AC30 most always gets its way.
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    Re: Help please re. EM200


    Let me know if these work, or if you need better quality/angle/etc. Quick phone photos.
  6. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    The last thing I would want from an electric mandolin would be for it to sound like an acoustic mandolin. Electric guitars generally do not sound like acoustic guitars. To the extent that 'sounding...
  7. Re: If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Have a suspicion it's not the Loar. ;)
  8. Re: -If you could have any mandolin in the world….

    Just a Nugget, that is all I ask.
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    Re: Man I need a good tuner...

    Peterson StroboPlus HD is the one for me. Have used it on all the instruments for over 6 years now, including calibrating the key tracking for synths and tuning the spinet piano. I genuinely credit...
  10. Re: Sometimes you gotta go back to the basics...

    I treat my mandolin teacher as if they were a coach. There isn't a whole lot left for me to study or learn, but of course we always do find things. Most of the discussion is about efficient mechanics...
  11. Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    Strat has not been picked up since getting this EM200 from our Classifieds last week. Also putting in a good word for the fantastic Vox AC30 as tube amp of choice for this household.

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    Re: Fender Tele Tenor at NAMM

    Ha! I do enjoy the ukulele very much, and also completely understand your point. Am currently playing in a band called The Ukulele Brothers (mando/b-vox). These guys can square off any noble groove...
  13. Re: Anyone stop playing guitar for Mandolin?

    Guitar has been an 'albatross around my neck' since I started mandolin, always ending up playing 6-strings instead of 4-courses, for... reasons. Last year, took a mandolin position in a cover band,...
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    Re: composing and arranging

    Personally, I think phrasing is the most important component in a compelling melody. Even fiddle tunes and Bach pieces that contain mostly eight notes have an underlying syncopation, where not every...
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    Re: Questions about jams and jamming

    Jams can be a great place to make friends. Go regularly enough to meet people you like. Invite them over for a living room jam. Eventually, you will have friends who jam, who cook, who eat and...
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    Re: Chris Thile on NPR's game show.

    CT was complimented on his nice singing voice, then was asked if the PHC guests would have trouble adjusting to that. :))
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    Re: Making Practice Count

    ^Playing with others is good. Playing in front of others is better. Jamming with others live is best. IMHO :mandosmiley:
  18. Re: Not "Wagon Wheel" again - are there other popular band songs?

    ^Great post. Important considerations for each of us as we decide what songs to keep under our fingers. I'm in it for the chicks, mostly. Got WW down, ready to go. :mandosmiley:
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    Re: Mixed Feelings...

    The only point I can find (and it is a valid one IMO) is that the OP is 'talking aloud' about developing a personal style, having a conversation about what 'works' and what 'doesn't work'. The train...
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    Re: 2006 Weber Bitteroot F Value?

    Doh! I forgot to mention a significant detail about my mandolin (and its low appraisal). This one has a 'speed neck' treatment with the finish removed from the back and tung oil applied. Feels great,...
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    Re: 2006 Weber Bitteroot F Value?

    I recently took a 2002 Bitterroot with similar specs to Nick @ The Bluegrass Junction for a set-up, and to get his opinion of its resale value. I was hoping to hear 2K and he suggested it would fetch...
  22. Re: Will $2,750 get me the right one the first time?

    Weber makes so many different types of mandolin, surely one of them is wrong for you!

    Best of luck!
  23. Re: Strawberry Music Festival - Yosemite, CA

    I had a great time at Strawberry! Our good Mr. Lewis is now retired from his Luthier's Tent and was out and about as a festival punter like the rest of us, a status he clearly enjoyed. I was happy to...
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    This should be a No Brainer for a print shop,...

    This should be a No Brainer for a print shop, assuming all you want is a square-cut, 1-color or 2-color label on uncoated paper. Are they thrown off by the mention of it going inside an instrument...
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    I lean towards the Old-Time style, and am a big...

    I lean towards the Old-Time style, and am a big fan of The Carter Family repetoire.

    In my efforts to find musicians to play with, I have run acorss two primary 'deal-breakers' ... stylewise.

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