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    Re: 3 Point F-4 Torch and Wire

    Those 3-pointers are beautiful! I'm sorry the auction didn't work out for the OP - maybe another one will come along.

    Here's a 1906 that I really enjoy playing (frets and inlaid pick guard are...
  2. Re: New music from Mike Marshall/Darol Anger

    Darol and Mike played an incredible show last night at the Music Emporium in Lexington, MA. It was wonderful to watch them range through styles from bluegrass to choro to their own compositions,...
  3. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    I prefer A. Definitely not C.

  4. Re: Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre Acoustic Preamp

    I can't answer for both instruments since I don't amplify my mando, but I love this Radial Tonebone on my acoustic electric. 5-string fiddle. Wireless to the Tonebone to the amp/mixer.

  5. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    JL277z, I'm in awe of your analysis! That's probably the reason I'm hearing an A in the second measure.

    And the B is just a passing tone (like the D# in the first measure), not requiring any...
  6. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    This is what I'm hearing...
  7. Re: Anybody happen to have tabs for Temtation Rag?

    Awesome work!

    One oddity - maybe it's just my hearing - is that the second melody note in measure 2 is written as a B in notation and tab, but the midi player plays it as an A. Similar issue...
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    Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    This! And I'll add that the best bows can draw an even and beautiful tone over their entire length without having to press down too much. This requires a trained maker who understands the wood, and...
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    Re: Montana Fiddle Camp

    Try Mandolin Camp North :-)
  10. Re: Grey Owl - Jean Baptiste Arcand - Mandolin Tab Anyone?

    And what is that chord structure? Thanks!
  11. Fiddle Hell MA Schedule Online: 500 sessions,13 concerts, Nov 1-4

    For my mandolin-playing and other musical friends, the incredible Fiddle Hell Massachusetts schedule is now available at . Fiddle Hell Massachusetts is a yearly...
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    Re: RIP Stacy Phillips

    Stacy Phillips, fiddler and dobro player extraordinaire, was an inspiration and a charismatic musical friend to many. I'll miss his great music, his dry sense of humor, and his vast knowledge of...
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    Re: Thanks, mandolin

    Nicely put! Could be a fine explorational workshop at Fiddle Hell this year: "Thanks, Mandolin!"

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    Re: Joe Val 2018

    I'll be at Joe Val Fest, of course! They haven't finalized the JV Workshop schedule for 2018 quite yet, but as far as I know I'll be teaching two fiddle workshops, the first of which would be ok for...
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    Re: How many missing Loars?

    A good day for the buyer, perhaps. Seems low for a '26 Fern in VG-EX condition considering what I've seen offered recently from private sellers. Of course, price usually depends on condition, sound,...
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    Re: Ireland Bound! Suggestions??

    I suggest you visit the Cobblestone Pub in Dublin. Real sessions, fine musicians, great traditions. Not oriented to tourists looking for Danny Boy :-).

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    Re: Fiddle Hell for mandolin players?

    Hi Cindy,

    We've got some fine teachers leading mandolin-specific workshops at Fiddle Hell in Westford, MA, Nov 3-5, 2017 -- Skip Gorman, David Surette, Richie Brown, Shana Aisenberg, August...
  18. Re: Tried out a fiine Distressed Master Model F-5 at Music Empori

    Didn't try that either. I used to own a Collings MF5 Deluxe Varnished model which was super.
  19. Re: Tried out a fiine Distressed Master Model F-5 at Music Empori

    I didn't, but might get a chance next week.
  20. Tried out a fiine Distressed Master Model F-5 at Music Emporium

    I took a break from work to wander over to TME in Lexington, MA, wanting to try out this mando that just got listed. It's cool to live close by, but it can be dangerous!

    This DMM is really a fine...
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    Re: Any fiddle players?

    I'm a fiddle player - it's a really fun instrument, though tricky at times. Consider finding a teacher first, who can help you rent or buy an instrument. Try instruments in person if possible...
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    Re: Ellis F5 Reserve in Classifieds

    I tried out this Ellis a couple of days ago and loved the clarity, punch, and playability, in addition to the beautiful quilted back.

    It's dangerous to live 5 minutes from the Music Emporium :-)....
  23. Re: Dream, Dream, what's your list?

    I'd be delighted to have an old but playable Gibson F4 with torch and wire headstock and tree of life fingerboard inlay. Otherwise I'm in good shape with mandos.

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    Re: Jams search USA

    Check out The Music Emporium, 165 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA.

    Great place, people, selection!

  25. Re: Who's going to the 2017 Joe Val Festival in Massachusetts?

    11AM Saturday morning, lower level, outside the Weston Room seems to be the time and place :-)
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