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    Re: New to me JL Smith 5 string

    My 20” five string has iirc a 74w on the C string I bought an eighth string electric guitar set Ernie Ball slinky’s. It was the only way I could find a string that gauge. Tension is ok but I am not...
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    Re: Once again: GDAE on Concert Ukulele

    I tried the Aquila GDAE soprano set on a concert and the E string broke before it was tuned up to pitch. A second string broke also. The set works pretty well on a soprano uke, but I didn't like the...
  3. Re: GDAE tuning and strumming uke/guitar style

    Hello, all.
    I have been reading all old threads here, and on Banjo Hangout, and Uke Underground, regarding playing any and all smallish four string machines in GDAE. Fifths are the "secret" that...
  4. Re: GDAE tuning and strumming uke/guitar style

    Had the same problem with the Aquila soprano uke GDAE set on a RISA Solid Soprano uke. Sometimes the E lasts forever, other times they seem to pop quickly. Have tried replacing the Aquila E with...
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