Speed the Plough for industrial agriculture

  1. llamela
    Speed the plough, transposed into the minor key, to assist with today's industrial agricultural machinery.

  2. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Sounds great. A lot of energy. Love the fez.
  3. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Love this tune in minor, was surprised to see just one (great) version and quite fast tempo, well done!
    May try it again…

  4. Frithjof
    Impressing speed by llamela.

    But I love it more in Simon’s tempo (unlike Simon I couldn’t play it faster myself ).
  5. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks Frithjof, but oops too - I used BandLab, and at the time I wondered why I had to amplify the track a bit more than usual.
    Now I’ve just realised that the external microphone probably wasn’t properly connected so the vid was recorded using the camera microphone.
    Plus, outside it was raining.
  6. Frithjof
    I gave it a try on mandolin and added a simple accompaniment on Thuringian Waldzither.


    Sorry, I couldn’t properly insert the video which method ever I tried.
  7. John W.
    John W.
    Although the latest 2 versions are not as fast as llamela’s they are as enjoyable to listen to…different moods created. Effective use superimposing video and photo Frithjof.
  8. Robert Balch
    Robert Balch
    Well done Frithjof. I had never heard of a Thuringian Waldzither but thanks to you and google I learned something new today.
    I enjoyed the tune too. This is one I have heard but never learned.....there are a lot of those.
  9. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Nice clean steady playing Frithjof, I like those images and good to see horses working for their oats.
    -or maybe they’d rather be somewhere else.
  10. Frithjof
    Thanks John W., Robert and Simon.
    Meanwhile my video is visible in my post. So, the problem was probably on the other site.

    It was my first try with superposing video and photo. The background of my recording place is not perfect for this method. And I had not enough time to play with the transparency of the photo.
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