The Skye Glen Waltz

  1. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    This enforced period of being restricted in our movements is certainly getting us to produce music! Here is one I have just done, a Scottish waltz by Blair Douglas which I found in one of my many tune books. It was not a tune I had heard and I initially played it at the slow tempo I use in the opening, then I went online and found it being played by a fine accordionist from Caithness and I took the quicker tempo from his playing, before reverting to my slow ending.

    Played on octave once again with mandolin and guitar tracks added as backing.

    If you are reading this Simon, the focus is still a bit iffy (and even if you are not, there is still a bit of focus drift!)

  2. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Lovely, John - and there is a distinct flavour of americanness in the chords, a lean cowboy riding into the sunset, and I hear faint vestiges of Tom Dooley (I managed to sing the chorus to it, too).

    As it happens, I was thinking of Caithness this morning, when Regina and I took a walk in the park behind our house. The cold and clear air and the total absence of people, the stillness and peace everywhere strongly reminded me of the NorthLink ferryport in Scrabster, where we had arrived two hours early last summer for the crossing to Stromness. Suddenly, Scotland seems to be everywhere, sans tourists, and that is one of the good side effects (you've just got to see some silver lining!)
  3. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    I put a comment here and it disappeared..or i forgot to save it..?? anyway John, beautiful melody on a new tune - I like it both slow and fast.
    As Bertram says - we all play to our neighbours at 6 pm.
    I am finding that the quality time spent indoors has a) made my house incredibly clean and b) able to listen to the member's previous posts on YouTube from a while back. Interesting to see the evolution of players skills and preferences and differences in recordings and engineering.
  4. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    Is this the same Blair Douglas who was in Runrig? I do hear a western influence like Bertram but maybe it's a western isle a stone's throw from Scotland? I am always impressed by your fluid changes in tempo, that's something that is difficult for me. Great tune expertly played.
  5. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks, folks. This musical activity is certainly working as an antidote to the gloom which can so easily settle on us just now.
    David, Blair is indeed the same fellow who was a founding member of Runrig (back in 1973, I believe), and played in other Scottish bands too. He is a superb accordionist and composer.
    Wonder if the "Western" influence you mention is the effect of the regular strummed waltz time when I played at the faster speed? A lot of Highlanders became cowboys/cattle handlers when they emigrated to the US in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and the Scottish influence is very strong in much American and Canadian music.
  6. Gelsenbury
    Nice tune, nicely played! I, too, like the tempo change. You make it sound simple, although it really isn't.

    I've actually been working even harder since working from home because of all the changes required by the "new normal". Perhaps I'll get to play mandolin again sometime next week.
  7. Frithjof
    A nice waltz expertly performed. Thanks, John.
    The tempo change is interesting and well done together with your own accompaniment.
  8. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Beautful waltz nicely played!
  9. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Thanks again, folks. The tempo changes can really add something to a tune and there are many of our Scottish tunes that can be heard played by different musicians at quite different tempos and even rhythms. There is a tune, Tom Anderson's Airthrey Castle, which I uploaded a couple of years back as a slow air, and I have heard it played as a Strathspey and even a 2/4 march!
    This does not just apply to Scottish music, of course!
  10. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks John really like the changes in tempo and the ‘poise’, I think’s the word. Was going to write ‘elegance’.
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