Week #549 ~ I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky

  1. Barbara Shultz
    Barbara Shultz
    This week's winner is I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky

    and them both together!

    Here's a link to notation and tab
  2. Simon DS
    Simon DS
  3. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    So, do any of our more authentic bluegrassers feel like giving us a vocal rendition?

    There's a lead sheet (melody, chords and lyrics) in the Walker Creek Camp Songbook:


  4. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Here's I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky played on a mandolin and guitar, with vocals. I played and sang all the parts. First I recorded the backup guitar and lead vocal together. Then came the mandolin. Thirdly I overdubbed the guitar break. Lastly, I put down the harmony vocal. This is a Bill Monroe song so that means it's hard to sing all those high notes. I did my best...

  5. Frankdolin
    Really high quality Michael! Loved all parts, really good take. I looked at this, listened, tried, and ya it's HIGH.
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Fine playing Michael, and nice vocal harmonisations.
  7. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    A very professional performance, Michael. Everything blends so well, and the vocals are the icing on the cake!
  8. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Wonderful, Michael! That's what I meant when I said in the "roll call" discussion that there is an authenticity in the style to our resident bluegrass players that I can't begin to approximate. What mandolin playing, what perfect rhythm throughout, and what wonderful harmony vocals! High Lonesome indeed.

  9. Sherry Cadenhead
    Sherry Cadenhead
    Amazing, Michael! Disregarding any practice time, how long does it take for you to put all the elements of something like this together?
  10. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    I'm speechless. Michael. Great mandolin and guitar playing and wonderful harmony vocals.
  11. Michael Pastucha
    Michael Pastucha
    Hi Sherry, in answer to your question, once I have the finished audio file all mixed down how I like it, assembling the slide show movie goes pretty smoothly. First I search for images on the library on congress. Once that is finished I open all the images in photoshop cs4. Here I crop and size them for the web at about 3000 to 2500 pixels wide. I then save these optimized images and open them in iPhoto. Here I colorize and adjust the images as well as adjust contrast, sharpness etc. I put the mixed down audio file (wav file) in iTunes. This process takes a couple of hours at least. Now I'm ready to make the video in iMovie. This usually takes about an hour. All of the images and the sound file are available from within iMovie. I place the pictures, the sound file and decide on the transitions between images. Lastly I put in the titles. I almost always use the same fonts so as to keep my YouTube channel looking uniform. Now it is ready for YouTube and the posting on the SAW group. If I know the song I can do this and record and mix the song in about a day. I didn't know the words to this song and had to learn to sing it as best I could. Probably more than you wanted to know... by the way, I'm retired and have lots of time!

    Thanks everyone for viewing and commenting.
  12. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    WoW, Michael. Great all-'round performance. It's like watching a professional music video.
  13. Frithjof
    I donít know if anyone is brave enough to follow Michaelís submission. We should close the discussion and let stand it for its own.

    But wait Ė I would like to hear an answer by Frank!
  14. Sherry Cadenhead
    Sherry Cadenhead
    Thanks for the explanation, Michael, except that my head just exploded.
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