So close yet so far away!

  1. bradeasley
    Oliver started my build in July and it sounds like we're on track for a late November / early December ship date. I'm so excited to get my Loar Spec Rosine! But I sold my only other mandolin to afford to step up from an A model to an F model, and not having a mandolin at all is making the wait even harder. Not to worry, I've got guitars to keep me company though.

    I tried adding my progress pics to this post, but the groups seem to not like that. I'll put the 2nd one in the group photo library.
  2. bradeasley
    Hope no one minds me uploading my progress photos from Oliver. He is so great to work with and very thoughtful to provide the photos which alleviates the pain of the waiting. Just uploaded photos of the unbound box from last month. Hopefully he's got the binding on by now and is on to the neck!
  3. bradeasley
    Shipping next week! Can't wait!
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