Has anyone had delivery of a Mike Black recently ?

  1. imrie3
    Like the title says " Has anyone had delivery of a Mike Black recently ? "
  2. pheffernan
    ProfessorO posted that he’s waiting on an A4 from Mike back in May:


  3. imrie3
    Nobody ? I am tring to figure out how long the wait is now as it it is still difficult to get a response.
  4. pheffernan
    Mike posted on the Cafe as recently as Monday:

  5. Peter Reynolds
    Peter Reynolds
    I placed an order for a Short Scale back in March 2021. He's somewhat hard to get ahold of, but Facebook DMs seem to work the best. He Said back in May(2022) that my Mandolin would soon be ready for binding and finishing. We never actually discussed the details of what my mandolin would look like though(color, binding, etc). Whatever happens, COVID was a hard time for people, so I'm just glad he's still out there doing his thing.
  6. pheffernan
    What do you mean by a “Short Scale?” Is it going to be 13” like a classical instrument?
  7. Peter Reynolds
    Peter Reynolds
    Correct. Mike makes 13~ inch scale, carved top,Oval and F hole mandolins. He has a page about them on his website, too. I have a flat top with the same scale, this one would be a great companion to it.
  8. pheffernan
    Neat. Are you anticipating an oval or f-holes?
  9. Peter Reynolds
    Peter Reynolds
    I specified a Short-scale A4 when I put down the deposit, so hopefully an oval hole.
  10. pheffernan
    It’s hard to imagine an A4 with f-holes. Please keep us apprised of the progress with your build!
  11. imrie3
    My order for an A2Z was arranged in February of 2021, last time I heard from Mike he was looking at mid or late July for completion, so I assume I will hear from him soon.
  12. Dan Forney
    Dan Forney
    I got an email from Mike today with some pix of my A2Z ready for frets and inlay.
  13. pheffernan
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dan!
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