Pick noise? What pick noise?

  1. HonketyHank
    I watched this video referred to in a post over in the main forum.

    Interesting. And for the most part I think he draws valid conclusions. But Mr. Benedict really REALLY awakened me to how bad my hearing is getting. He does a comparison of how each pick sounds when dropped onto a hard surface right next to the microphone.

    I didn't hear a da** thing. Not a sound. Nothing. I guess that means that I don't have to worry about that test, right? All my picks sound just as good as his Blue Chip Chris Thile super duper. At least they do to me.

    Anyway, I do use different picks on different mandolins and for different sounds. Of course, what sounds right to me may well sound awful to you, especially given my proven hearing disability. The ones I use the most are a Primetone large triangle (smooth sides) and a Wegen large triangle. And I do have a Blue Chip and a Red Bear (they are good picks, but so are the Primetone and Wegen).

    What is everybody else using?
  2. SOMorris
    Hi Hank.

    I just use a Fender Heavy pick. It sounds okay to me, and I haven't tried a bunch of different picks. I only play mandolin (or play at it!) so have no reason to have different picks for different instruments (only one mandolin too). I could hear the little click when he dropped the picks if I had both earbuds in. A lot of times, I just have one in so I can hear my wife when she says something to me.
  3. Louise NM
    Louise NM
    I'll admit to having bought a ridiculous number of picks.

    At the end of the day, I'm pretty much of a wimp: light strings and light picks. I have landed on the traditional teardrop shaped picks, between about .75 and 1.0, maybe 1.25 depending on the day and the material. I like the Dunlop Ultex picks with the rhino on them, I like the Primetones, I like celluloid from Pyramid, D'Addario, or Fender. I love the clown barf ones Golden Gate has recently introduced. There's a fluorescent yellow Cool pick with a nonstick surface that is good. I like the long, narrow picks for my bowl back—Galli or Pickboy.

    I bought two Blue Chips, a teardrop in the 35 thickness and a larger, triangular 40. I like the 35 fine, but I don't understand what the big whoop is. Not much difference between the BC and the almost identical-looking Primetone. Heresy, I know.
  4. NDO
    My daily driver is a wegen DF140, and on my other mandolins I use primetones because I haven’t gotten around to buying another wegen. But after watching the video I’m tempted to try a clown barf
  5. Southern Man
    Southern Man
    I need to do some testing with picks. I haven't really messed around with different types for a couple of years and I was too early in my journey to discern all of the differences. I use a fender that has some grip.

    I wish the pick sampler was still circulating. I've had my hands on that once and would like to be able to work with that many picks again.
  6. NDO
    Earlier I really wanted to try the pick sampler. Now I’m afraid it would make my head explode
  7. bbcee
    I've found my pick choice has changed over time, and different instruments want different picks. Blue Chips overall seem to be the best to bring out the body of the sound, but having said that, I use a Primetone on my oval hole, which sounds chintzy on my other mandolin family instruments.

    Your mileage WILL vary!
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