The Parting Glass

  1. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    This is a well-known Irish folk song. The tune was also used by Bob Dylan for his "Restless Farewell", based on the Clancy Brothers' version of this song.

    The arrangement is by Steve Hendricks:

    I have adapted it for mandolins:

    1921 Gibson Ajr mandolin
    Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
    1925 Zimmermann waldzither
    Ozark tenor guitar
    Suzuki MC-815 mandocello

  2. John W.
    John W.

    Martin’s version is a more complete musical composition… Record this directly onto iPad as preparation for recording a more ‘polished’ version for publishing…with guitar and OM accompaniment… However, I felt like a sing a long and a tinkle on the mando with a glass of wine. There is the odd lyric and chord error, but the stripped back, raw creation caught the moment…so I decided to publish as it is.
  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    John, you capture the spirit of this great Scottish song really well in your impromptu version here. I found myself joining in with you, though I had a dram rather than a glass of wine. You look so cosy and relaxed there! Lovely tone from that mando too.

    I see it was almost eight years back that Martin posted his fine version here and I am surprised that nobody ever offered up any other renditions. Your two versions are so different in the mood they create in the listener.
  4. Frankdolin
    A Beautiful, intimate performance John!
  5. John W.
    John W.
    John K - I’m pleased you think I capture the spirit of the song…that’s why I decided to post the video as raw as it is. Also great to know that it prompted someone to sing a long (especially someone familiar with it). I’m usually cosy and relaxed with a glass of red to hand…the circumstances in which much of my mandolin playing occurs. Also glad the tone of the mando came across in the simple recording.

    Frank - I’m so pleased you experienced the intimacy of the moment…which was more important than the quality of the mandolin playing on this occasion.
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Really well played John, nice to hear the singing too.
  7. John W.
    John W.
    Thanks very much, Simon… Singing is more of a personal pleasure…even when I don’t sing in tune when entertaining myself, which is often, it still feels good…but you wouldn’t want me posting recordings of those events
  8. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Yes I like to sing too, I haven’t sung for ages now.
    Tried something with Wayfaring Stranger today, tone was ok but I couldn’t sing in unison with the octave.
    However I did actually go for a run yesterday, at 63 years old, and that was good!
  9. Bren
    Good one John W.
    You did right to post it as it is.
  10. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Very nice John! I like the informal mood and we don't get nearly enough singing on here (not that I am volunteering after a lifetime of being told to shut up when I try to sing along).

    Thanks also for ressurrecting my 2014 thread and recording. That arrangement is a bit of a hybrid -- the song in this form is fairly modern, but the setting is by Steve Hendricks who specialises in early music/renaissance tunes.

  11. John W.
    John W.
    Simon - don’t give up on the singing…or the running!

    Bren - thanks for confirming the decision.

    Martin - glad you also enjoyed the informal mood.
  12. Frithjof
    Thanks for sharing this nice moment with us, John W.
  13. John W.
    John W.
    Thanks for your appreciation, Frithjof.
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