The Rose Tree

  1. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    A (great) old Scottish dance tune that was in the poll for #464.
    Not sure what you guys think of it, makes me think of a Scottish Oldtimer on a mule carrying a shovel and other prospecting equipment crossing the Nevada desert on his way to California, with memories of the Glens.

  2. Frithjof
    Sounds great together with the percussion.
  3. Robert Balch
    Robert Balch
    Great tune and very nicely done.
  4. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    Mr. Sunrise. This also makes me feel like a Scottish Old timer heading across the Nevada desert with thoughts of me wee home back in the loch. Spot on !. Nicely done tune too.
  5. crisscross
    Sounds mighty fine on the octave mandolin! Very nicely played!
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the kind comments. This multi recording is a lot of fun, but lots to learn, I’ve got really motivated to do The Spotted Dog, so thanks for that too.
    -I’ve promised myself that I’m going to metronome The Spotted Dog for hours at ‘too slow’ speed with lots of triplets, and then finally, off the leash, I’ll let rip!
  7. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Nice tone and fine playing on this one. I like your variations/ornaments in the second half of the recording. The multi-tracking becomes quite compulsive too, you'll be finding!
  8. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks John, yes every time I jump up to the E string I’m thinking, ahhh, the tone would be a little warmer if I made the effort to stay on the A and were to make a little foray on up passed the seventh fret.
    Actually there is a certain amount of compulsion with the foot tapping. The drum I use is a plastic shredded-water-bottle-brush that is securely, and I might add, ingeniously strapped onto my boot with an old bicycle inner tube. I have had some comments, even from family members, but the tone is wonderful.
    Maybe in another vid I’ll include a view of the drum in action.
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