Mazurka de la Beluse

  1. Pierpaolo S.
    Pierpaolo S.
    It's a mazurka composed by Laurent Geffroy and recorded by ZEF.
    This one was fun to record, i hope it will be fun to listen too.
    Different than other recording because i recorded three time mandolin to imitate a mandolin orchestra, and then i varied arrangement a little.
    A good way to spend Saturday afternoon.
    Mandolin, bass, guitar, electronic piano and melodica.
  2. Frithjof
    If that isn’t a great professional recording….
    You haven’t misspend your Saturday afternoon, Pierpaolo.
  3. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Fine arrangement, choice of instruments and playing, Pierpaolo. Your three mandolins technique has worked well too.
  4. Jairo Ramos Parra
    Jairo Ramos Parra
    The same thing happens with you that when I listen to the music of John Kelly, I feel that it is really exquisite music!
  5. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    That was exceptionally well done, wonderful tune and perfect arrangement and playing. Do you have notation you can share?
  6. Pierpaolo S.
    Pierpaolo S.
    Thank you all for the good comments.
    David, I learned by ear, and i transcribed and put on this thread
  7. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    This is very beautifully done. I enjoyed listening to this - more than a few times.
  8. Gelsenbury
    That's an excellent arrangement and a good weekend's work! Thank you for posting this.
  9. Brian560
    Well done! The arrangement, playing and recording were perfect.
  10. Martin Jonas
    Martin Jonas
    Very nicely done! I really like the effect of having the mandolins playing single stroke on the melody and tremolo on the harmonies. Good professional mix, too, with just the right amount of reverb.

  11. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Professional production Pierpaolo, I like the accompaniment and melodica fits in really well.
  12. Christian DP
    Christian DP
    Very nice playing and production!
  13. David Hansen
    David Hansen
    I finally got around to recording this really cool tune, thanks to Pierpaolo for the sheet music. I found another YouTube version recorded solo by Laurent Geoffroy that I based my version on. I must apologize for not playing any mando things on this but nothing seemed to work and the concertina sounded closer to the diatonic accordion that Laurent plays.

  14. Brian560
    That's nice David.Your concertina playing is always enjoyable to listen to.
  15. Frithjof
    You did a great recording of this lovely mazurka, David. Your sweet sounding concertina is the right lead instrument for this tune.
  16. Pierpaolo S.
    Pierpaolo S.
    I was waiting for your version and yes as always it's great!
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