Orange In Bloom

  1. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Beautiful bright autumn day here, will hike up our little 1200 foot ridge line in a while.

    The tune. I was still thinking of happy foxes and the new mandarins that have just started to arrive, delicious, I love this time of year, the changing leaves and the frosty mornings.
    I also posted it because right at the end you can see my hand move out like the conductor of an orchestra; a little gesture to give the cat her cue.
    Hope the weather is good for you today guys, have a joyful day!

  2. crisscross
    Sounds good, I like the drones!
  3. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    I've not heard this one before and I really like it. I like the drones too - I get that if i double stop certain notes - I found this out by accident but now use it probably more than I should. (insert cat emoji here) Also we have about 4-5 inches of snow here already. Looks pretty - but that novelty wears thin quickly.
  4. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Thanks CC, though the whole thing, I thought, maybe sounds like a march.
    So you’ve already been skiing this year, Ginny? Can you post a photo?

    It’s an old Morris tune.
    Here’s the tune as I imagine it would be played for Morris dancing

    But I learned it (almost like a March!) because I really like this setting, maybe they dance to this too:

    A little info on thessession:
  5. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Very autumnal, Sunrise, and - is that a capo?
  6. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    The capo was a partly economic decision -it’s cheaper to buy a capo than buy a mandola, and a partly pragmatic one -it’s much easier to get the capo into the back pocket of my jeans than to try to do that with a mandola.
  7. bbcee
    Here's my go at it, with mandola and melodica. Thanks very much for introducing me to this lovely tune and to the genre, @Simon DS!! The two melodeon players above are tremendous.

  8. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    bbcee, really nice I like the tone of your melodica, thanks for the motivation, I have a cheap one that needs exercise. What make is yours?
    -I have been thinking for a long time of putting a melodica into an antique wooden box to build a sort of harmonium.
  9. Frithjof
    Two interesting versions, Simon and bbcee. Worth a second and closer listening.
  10. bbcee
    Thanks for the nice words, guys.

    That's a pretty interesting idea, Simon, could be pretty neat. I guess you'd have to use the longer tube + mouthpiece out of it instead of just the mouthpiece. Mine is a Hohner Piano 27, I got it after a lot of research on melodica sites (you think mandolin players are obsessed!) told me it was the timbre & quality I wanted, for a good entry price. I can't play it very well, but sometimes it's just the right tone for the piece of music.
  11. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    I was thinking of building something with bellows like this, they have to be played with one hand, and I cant imagine one of these at a session, partly because they’re difficult to play with good timing and rhythm since there’s a slight delay when you press a key.
    Harmonium make: Bina
  12. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    Two fine offerings, gents. The Melodica adds some depth and texture to your mix, bbcee.
  13. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    I keep forgetting I have a Hohner melodica too. A good one. Thank you for the lovely tune bbcee and the reminder to go and try it again. I am currently on bedrest/drugs etc for pneumonia so blowing into that thing will have to wait a bit. I'm also missing my lessons where we were working on my next extraordinary posting (haha) - that'll have to wait too ! Woe is me.
  14. crisscross
    Sounds really nice bbcee!
    Best wishes Ginny!
  15. Frithjof
    All the best, Ginny. Take your time to recover!
  16. bbcee
    Rest up Ginny, looking forward to both hearing your melodica & next post. All in good time!
  17. Robert Balch
    Robert Balch
    I, too, hope you get well soon Ginny.
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