Slan le maigh

  1. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    This is a Gaelic song about emigration from the area of the river Maigue in Co. Limerick (typically overlooked because of the proximity of the much more famous Shannon).
    Inspired by Ginny's "Pictures at an Exhibition", I provided a collection of artsy pictures of the river and architecture, two of them of the Adare Manor Hotel (if you recognize it).

  2. John Kelly
    John Kelly
    What a lovely performance, Bertram. Not often we get to hear you both together with you in a supporting role. Regina sings the song beautifully, and the flute and octave blend so well.
  3. Ginny Aitchison
    Ginny Aitchison
    This is beautiful Bertram and Regina. The music is excellent and I really enjoyed the art work, especially your slow draw back/pan - to reveal the whole. The second picture of the bricks, leading to water leading to a tower...also you and Regina at the end..I have one like that from Facebook that I kept, I should look it up. Thoroughly enjoyed this.
  4. Simon DS
    Simon DS
    Lovely tune Bertram and really nice to hear Regina singing.
  5. Bertram Henze
    Bertram Henze
    Thanks all. Doing the pictures was at least as much fun as playing the song.
    Kind Regards to all from Regina.
  6. Gelsenbury
    The music and images take me to faraway places on a journey of exploration - you never know what's coming, but you know it will be impressive.
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